Monday, November 6, 2017

Tripurari Swami et al. "New Gita Commentary"

Tripurari Swami and Ramesvara dasa

Yes, I have also heard that Tripurari swami has joined the list of folks making their own Gita commentary. And Tripurari supports that Srila Prabhupad is wrong to say we all originated in Krishna's leela or sport. He apparently knows more than the acharya. And now he joins the list of dubious folks like Kirtanananda, Narayana Maharaja, Krishna Balarama swami and others who also make their own Gita commentary. If there is one thing Srila Prabhupada is opposed to for sure, it is various fools and / or neophytes making their own Gita re-write projects. 

I am not sure what Ramesvara's position is on all these divergent commentaries, but he certainly failed to do his duty as a trustee to insure that the original Gita of Srila Prabhupada be protected, hence the original was changed. And so now we see a flood of competing commentaries. Yes, Ramesvara helped them open up the flood gates of all these bogus commentaries by de facto allowing the changing of Srila Prabhupada's books into bogus Jayadvaita and GBC commentaries. And of course that is why he is great pals with many of these people. 

Worse. Most of these dubious people supported that conditioned souls should sit on a Vyasa seat and make pretend they can absorb sins like Jesus. Then, they sit around and re-write the Vedas to fit their bogus ideas. This has gone on since time began, bogus people making changes to the Vedas, the so-called Veda vada rata. Srila Prabhupada says it would have been better if these Veda vada rata had never even heard of the Vedas. They will face a future way worse than the ordinary mundane man, because editing the Vedas is always forbidden and its apparently way more sinful than just being a regular karmi person. 

Held hostage to housewife syndrome?

Yes, I also heard that too, that Hanuman Croatia supports these deviants as acharyas process because his wife is a disciple of one of these GBC's gurus, apparently BVKS. So he either supports one, some or many of them -- or he has to sleep on the couch. Hah hah, right, that would mean the GBC has got him by the knackers. Did we forget that the GBC as a body is supporting book changes?

Some original Srila Prabhupada disciples told me the same thing, they had married a woman who was a disciple of the GBC's gurus, so they had to keep quiet, acquiesce, and even support -- or else end up sleeping on the couch. Their wife would reject them. Its simply another example of compromise, and changing the Gita is yet another compromise which the GBC as a body is allowing by facilitating Jayadvaita swami's mass editing. Yep, agreed, these guys look like peas in a PADA.
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