Saturday, November 11, 2017

Fundamentalist Church Losing More Youth

More and more victims coming forward to raise abuse allegations.

PADA: There are reports that an increasing number modern day Christians, especially the youth sector living in places like "The Bible Belt" (southern USA) are rejecting their faith because of rampant hypocrisy. Main case in point: various big church leaders and / or the politicians the Church supports appear to be corrupt, and as such they should not be supported. 

Instead, corrupt folks are often being forwarded as the Church and / or political leaders of the "Christian" community. Recently there has also been a flood of abuse victims coming forward, and they are also exposing Hollywood elites, as well as some "Christian conservative" political leaders simultaneously. 

"Its an avalanche" as one report suggests. 

What is interesting is that more and more of the Christian youth as a class are rejecting the elders and the formal religion, because of the double standard of (a) preaching that we need to oppose deviants as religious or political leaders, while (b) practicing supporting and promoting deviants as leaders of the Christian community. 

This is largely what has happened in ISKCON. The leaders have been complicit in corruption, and the youth as a class have rejected the religion. Before ISKCON can regain credibility with its alienated youth, it needs to present credible leadership. A common complaint we hear from some of the ex-youth is that the same leadership group that created the mass exodus, scandals, abuse, embezzling, lawsuits, murders, and so on -- are still pretty much in charge. 

Worse, some GBC's biggest leaders buried Kirtanananda in a samadhi. 

Recently we were told the GBC will appoint Radhanath, Devamrita and Vaisesika as the "new managers" of New  York temple in Brooklyn. What? Some of the same people who buried Kirtanananda in a samadhi are going to fix things? Often, the lieutenants or helpmates of the original deviants are in charge. This has to change, or else the ISKCON religion will empty out just as the Christian faith is losing membership. ys pd

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