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Hanuman's (Croatia) Taxi Driver Sex Guru Sampradaya (update)

Hanuman das (Croatia)

Srila Prabhupada is -- a zombie?

Or? Hanuman's guru sampradaya members becoming zombies?

[PADA: Wow! Srila Prabhupada said we neophytes cannot be diksha gurus and absorb sins, it will take us down. Yet! After all the fall down, sickness, premature death -- and endless assorted sufferings -- that Hanuman's GBC's gurus are enduring from accepting sins without authority, Hanuman wants them to take on EVEN more sins! Yep, load us up with boatloads of more sins and contamination, there has not been enough suffering over here yet!

Hanuman really wants to pile them up with so much sinful reaction baggage, they will have to suffer numerous future lives to burn off all this accumulated karma. One of these Hanuman's GBC gurus was on his way to the hospital for treatment of his terminal illness and someone was touching his feet as he went out the door, so he could take on -- yet another boat load of karma! 

All of this seems to be making Hanuman's guru sampradaya look more and more, like zombies? Why does Hanuman want more of his guru parampara members to fall down, get sick, suffer, and / or die prematurely?, and take boatloads of sins with them into the next life since there is no way they can EVER burn them off in this life? Srila Prabhupada said we neophytes cannot absorb sins and if we do we will suffer severe consequences.] 


Ritvik Sri Gurvastakam challenge (Hanuman das Croatia) 

[PADA: Oh no! Not only does Hanuman das say that worship of Srila Prabhupada is "zombie" worship, he says his GBC's illicit sex with men, women and children GBC guru parampara can have the "Guruvastakam Prayers" sang to them. Why does Hanuman keep saying that people who are supporting a guru parampara that is often engaged in illicit sex is -- assisting the gopis?  

And Hanuman says people like Bhakti Vikas swami are authorized gurus. Is this because BVKS is "voted in" at the 1986 recoronation of sex with taxi driver's acharya Bhavananada? Why does Hanuman keep saying his sex with taxi driver's guru parampara is authorized? We need to sing the samsara prayers to the "sex with taxi driver's guru parampara" members? Why doesn't Hanuman even know that his sex with taxi driver's guru parampara is bogus, when any ten year old child anywhere on the planet practically speaking, knows this is bogus?]

Hanuman das: Few days ago, I received an email from a person who contracted contagious disease called “Zombie guru theory”. 

[PADA: Why does Hanuman keep saying acharyas like Srila Prabhupada are like dead zombies? Worse, Hanuman's "living guru's" aka sex with taxi driver's guru parampara members are "alive," whereas the bona fide acharyas are dead zombies. Wow! So the acharyas are dead, the sex with taxi driver's guru program is "living"? Who knew! 


Only the worshipers of Hanuman's sex with taxi driver's guru parampara are  worshiping that which is "alive," whereas people who worship the bona fide acharyas are worshiping the zombie dead and gone. What kind of person says Krishna and His acharyas are -- dead zombies? Yep, Rocana, he says the acharyas are posthumous, post samadhi, and post mortem, same idea. 

Amazing, only the people who support the illicit sex guru parampara are "living." And then they wonder why so many children were molested under Hanuman's illicit sex guru parampara idea? Hanuman does not get it, the worship of the bona fide acharya is not "zombie worship," while worship of Hanuman's illicit sex guru parampara is actually zombie worship.]

Thanks Hanuman for telling people to load me up with their sins!

HD: Proponents of zombie guru theory claim that Prabhupada is Jesus and that he is only guru for the next 10,000 years, and that he should be the diksa guru of all members of the Hare Krishna movement. They draw this silly argument from the arrangement that was made by Prabhupada while is was sick and not able to travel to initiate every disciple personally.

[PADA: OK so Srila Prabhupada "made an arrangement" to declare worship of acharyas is going to be zombie worship? And we need to worship Hanuman's illicit sex with taxi driver's guru parampara? When was this "arrangement" made?]

One of the arguments which zombie guru theory proponents use to justify their nonsense is perfectly exemplified in following email from above mentioned zombie:

But I ask this, when devotees are sing Samsara Davana in the mornings who are they singing about, Devamrita, Radhanath, Sachinandana etc? NO!! They are singing about pure devotee acharyas who can enact those activities mentioned in those verses, do you think any ISKCON ‘guru’ can arrange amerous pastimes between Radha and Krishna?

[PADA: However, the whole GBC guru body is authorizing the samsara prayers to be sung to various deviants, and has done so all along? Is there any single GBC guru who has come out and said we cannot sing samsara prayers to the other members of their concocted parampara? Rocana also says something similar, we can place the photos of GBC gurus on the altars and worship them, and offer bhogha to them. Where was this arrangement made? 

Amazing. Hanuman thinks that only these three guys are deviants, and NOT all the rest. Yet all of the rest are the people who prop up these three?]

HD: Well, he is right about the three guys he mentioned, but his claim that all ISKCON gurus are “bogus” is hilarious. This is not the first time I see this rtvik argument.

[PADA: ALL -- every single one -- of the GBC's gurus are either: (A) Molesters and / or sexual predators; skirt chasers; taxi driver sex; Vodka drinkers; football TV watchers etc. and / or (B) the founding fathers, advocates, promoters, cheer leaders, reinstators and / or defenders of this parampara and / or (C) those "voted in" by the two above groups. And yet, some of them are bona fide acharyas, who we can sing the samsara prayers to? We can sing samsara prayers to BVKS, because he was "voted in" when sex with taxi drivers was re-certified as his parampara's acharya?]

Answering this person is beyond my level of dignity, he is below level of where I can help him. I think he will require brain surgery. I am not brain surgeon, but I find this challenge interesting.

[PADA: Anyone who does not worship the BVKS "man to man sex" guru parampara needs brain surgery? Why does Hanuman want us to worship his man to man sex with taxi drivers in the holy dham guru program? Hanuman's gurus are having sex with taxi drivers in the holy dham, and we need to sing the samsara prayers to this lineage and its members?]

So, although ISKCON has many fake gurus, there are also some genuine ones, so, let’s try to give explanation of Sri Gurvastakam in the context of Prabhupada disciples:

[PADA: The Hanuman guru program reinstates homosex in the holy dham as their Vishnupada acharya, and this is why -- they should be glorified with the samsara prayers? Nope! ys pd] 

Hanuman is empowering the theft of Krishna's assets with his false gurus.

Did we forget to mention, many folks thinks Hanuman's core guru parampara members -- poisoned the acharya?


  1. R Dasi: He's so offensive to a pure devotee! Calling Srila Prabhupada a zombie! The worst hell is awaiting him! How can he say pure devotees are zombies unless he is an atheist.

    [PADA: Well yup, he not only thinks pure devotees are zombies, he thinks sex with taxi driver guru paramparas are bona fide, and we need to sing samsara prayers to his man to man sex guru sampradaya. As Sulochana used to say, even dogs do not worship man to man sex guru paramparas, they are more elevated than this. ys pd]

  2. Right, Hanuman went ballistic when someone criticized Bhakti Vikas swami. Hanuman clearly thinks that a person can be bona fide when he is voted in as guru simultaneously when sex with taxi drivers is being reinstated. So this is the influence of BVKS, he convinces people that his illicit sex guru program is bona fide, then they say, Prabhupada is a zombie and no one should worship him. ys pd


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