Wednesday, October 4, 2017

What is next for Brooklyn? (Sugata das)

Dhruva Maharaj Das: When iskcon gets the temple back I hope they fix it up. I spent many nights in the basement washing dishes with the rats. And how about the bingo hall? Is it still there with all the roasted chicken and cigarette smoke smell? Remember those days? Haribol

What's next in Brooklyn?

Ramabhadra prabhu and the Bharati Center board have been denied the ability to sell the Brooklyn NY Iskcon Temple by the NY Attorney General. How will he respond and will the other members such as his wife Satya Dasi, Haripriya dasi (Alachua) Adidev And his wife and Sobamayi and her husband follow his decision to defy the GBC and Srila Prabhupada. 

The GBC has voted against the sale 3 times consecutively. The attorney General has also voted against the sale twice. It would appear that Radha Govinda themselves have voted no as well. How can not just one board member but all be so willing to act in violation of the desires of Srila Prabhupada, the GBC and the devotee community at large? 

How can anyone possibly follow Ramabhadra Prabhu? He has removed the Iskcon sign from the front of the Temple, also removed all mentions of Iskcon from the Temple website yet he continues to reside in Srila Prabhupadas Iskcon Temple and worship Srila Prabhupada's Radha Govinda deities all while trying to do what he wants against the wishes of everyone else.

In the past Ramabhadra prabhu has illegally copyrighted a painting that wasn't his. He has also stolen paintings from his first wife Parvati Dasi from France as well as Jadurani dasi and he had also cheated Aindra prabhu out of money from the sale of the Vrindavan mellows kirtans. Why would he think he should be trusted with 60 million dollars worth of property that isn't his to begin with and why would anyone else trust him?

Ramabhadra will have everyone believe that he and the board members are acting in the best interests of Radha Govinda but how can that possibly be when he has taken every opportunity to make it appear as if Radha Govinda Mandir isn't Srila Prabhupadas temple. The real victims in all of this are Sri Sri Radha Govinda and their loving devotees.
Ramabhadra has not made any attempt to deal with the committee appointed by the GBC regarding the sale. He has painted himself as a victim when nothing could be further from the truth. He has been mistreating devotees for nearly 30 yrs as president. All members of the board must face the consequences for having followed him. 

[PADA: Right, the GBC empowers people who mistreat others, then they wonder why they get mistreated by the same "mistreating others" folks they empowered? Maybe they should not empower those who mistreat others as their managers and gurus?]

All parties (board members) must admit that they have made a serious error in judgement. They must stop this charade and accept that Ramabhadra is no longer the Temple President. They too must step down as board members. They also aren't victims as they have chosen to follow a person that is acting of his own will. 

Romapada Swami must also face serious consequences as he is largely to blame for this fiasco due to his blatant Dishonesty and inability to act in the best interests of Iskcon. He too must show just how much of a fortune he has amassed and prove how he bought 2 buildings in Brooklyn. He must be removed as a GBC member. Anything short is simply a farce of the good ol boys protecting each other.

The time for accountability is now. The NY devotee community and Sri Sri Radha Govinda deserve better. They deserve to have competent leaders overseeing their daily worship. NY is such an important place that Srila Prabhupada chose to start his mission there. A revival is needed to help the fallen souls.

Book distribution and Harinam need to be a part of the daily temple activity. The Temple should be welcoming to the congregation and community. So many devotees have been waiting for change. NY was once a hotbed of Krishna Conciousness and should be returned to its glory. Change is inevitable and the Temple Board and Ramabhadra prabhu must heed the writing on the wall.
Let's see how willing Ramabhadra and the board members are to cooperate as defeat is clearly unavoidable.

[PADA: Maybe, some gurus told my friend -- sure, everyone hates us, sure everyone prays for us to die, sure we have no credibility, but are we going to go out and get jobs now and work to support ourselves? We are too old to do that, we have to ride this out until we die, we have no other means of support. As Sulochana said a long time ago, its a business, the guru business. ys pd]


My understanding was that Rompada threw Ramabhadra under the bus to the GBC. Did not exercise his GBC Authority to kick Ramabhadra out and fled in Terror from the Brooklyn Temple hoping to not be implicated in the shenanigans, ie hoarding money, Banning devotees in the temple in New York and Phoenix, attempting to sell the Brooklyn Temple in Secret against the direct orders of the GBC, Etc. 

I'm lobbying all my GBC God brothers and godsisters to fine Romapada for all legal fees incurred in getting the Brooklyn Temple back to iskcon. He has more than enough money. If not he should be defrocked from Guru ship and take it off the GBC. This is the most blatant insubordination the GBC has faced in the 21st century. I would encourage every devotee to constantly bombard all GBC members with phone calls, emails and letters. 

The New York Temple management's insubordination must be checked immediately. In realpolitik this is the gbc's last chance at having any credibility with the devotee community. Decade after decade they failed to protect the children, the women, the devotees in general, first and second generation. And Shrila Prabhupada's property, books and Institution.

PADA: Hrdayananda is converting South America to his Krishna West and he preaches that the GBC is not authorized, or up to date, he just had a big conference there. Its being hijacked in many places

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