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Rocana's Obsession with 1979

Is it still 1979?

Proposed Topics of Discussion for 1979 Mayapura Meeting

BY: SUN EDITORS (Rocana das)

Sep 29, 2017 — CANADA (SUN) —

Today we present a letter from Yasodanandana (then) Swami to Satsvarupa Goswami, dated January 1, 1979. It is on letterhead from Shri Krishna Balaram Mandir & Guest House. A hand-written cover note from Yasodanandana identifies the document as "Proposed Topics of Discussion for 1979 Mayapura Meeting."

1 January, 1979

His Divine Grace Satsvarupa Gosvami

Dear Satsvarupa Maharaja,

Please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada. These are various topics of discussion from Vrindavan for the Mayapur festival meeting.

[PADA: Wow! The 1st of January 1979 is about the same time the GBC's were saying "His Divine Grace Srila Jayatirtha Tirthapada Goswami Maharaja" is still the acharya, despite it was known (by many) that he was having illicit sex with a follower, he was ALSO offering LSD to his shalagram, and he was engaged in many other deviations. These GBC folks and their propagandists are the same folks Rocana relies on to form the basis of his guru tattva concepts?  

How can we rely on either the GBC / and or rank and file people (like Yasodanandan) who did not have the needed documents at the time? What does it matter what the people then were saying, especially at this time of 1979, when the majority of important documents on this issue were hidden and suppressed? And worse, no one was really allowed to ask proper questions about what was ordered and what was not? Or they would be booted out (like we were). 


At the SAME time the GBC reinstates illicit sex and drugs as their acharya, this is the same time Rocana cites the GBC, or others who did not have the details, as our authority? Why is this era important at all, other than it established the false ideas Rocana still adheres to, for example -- that neophytes can absorb sins like Jesus and be diksha gurus? And worse, debauchees, deviants and fools can be reinstated as acharyas because "the GBC voted on it." 

And later Rocana and his "50 man committee" REINSTATED their sexual predator acharya who was having homosexual relations with taxi drivers in the holy dham. What kind of reform is this Rocana? And now some of the Gaura Govinda Maharaja people are writing me nasty notes, because we pointed out that their guru was "voted in" simultaneously when "homosex with taxi drivers" was established as their acharya, and GGM compromised with that agenda, in order to get a guru rubber stamp from that agenda. What kind of devotee wants a guru rubber stamp from the "sex with taxi drivers guru parampara"? And why didn't Rocana and his reformers put a halt to this, rather they let us do the main complaining about this problem?

And! Isn't Rocana actually killing a number of his God brothers by encouraging them to think they are the next Jesus, they can absorb sins, and then they get sick, fall down and die prematurely; as we see happening left, right and center among Rocana's alleged "live gurus" -- from taking sins without authority? OK so the idea that neophytes can absorb sins like Jesus was a huge deviation being promoted in -- 1979? Have we not yet learned this is wrong? Yet Rocana still insists, neophytes can be diksha gurus and absorb sins -- like Jesus? NOPE!

Rocana's post-1977 gurus: ecstacy or madness?

And thus Rocana refers to this era all the time, usually ending up supporting the GBC's message, the message they distorted, as factual? For example Rocana still says we need to place photos of his "new gurus" on the altars to offer them bhogha, which was THE SAME concoction going on full tilt in - 1979? Where does Srila Prabhupada say we need to offer bhogha to the photos of conditioned souls? That means Rocana is still stuck in 1979! And that means Rocana is accepting key pillars of the illusions being established at this time.

Yep, even our brand newest bhaktas know we cannot offer bhogha to Rocana's deviants and debauchee's guru programs. Why doesn't Rocana have the same amount of spiritual understanding as our newest bhaktas?

Hansadutta says that the "11 gurus" held their own private and SECRET meetings, actually a series of meetings, right after Srila Prabhupada departed. And therein they hammered out their "guru appointment" fraud propaganda. It was understood that various of Srila Prabhupada's statements and documents would have to be hidden and suppressed in order for this to work, and indeed these documents were hidden and suppressed. 

And people like Sulochana were assassinated for bringing out some of these documents. And Rocana is still relying on the version of the people who hide and suppress their guru's documents, as our authority? And he is criticizing people for not having these hidden documents in 1979 -- when Sulochana was assassinated for bringing some of them out (like the appointment tape and the letters)? Even if someone had some of these documents by chance, discussing them was not allowed, it was a very repressive era.


Rocana keeps going back to 1979, at a time when we did not have most of the important documents such as: The appointment tape; The 1977 discussions; The letters; The Will, and so on and so forth. And many people, probably most people, were not even aware of the July 9th letter at the time, it was not being circulated widely. Another suppressed document. 

Rocana says only a very few pieces of the few documents known at that time are relevant. He refers to the time when huge portions of the documentation were missing. Of course, at that time we also did not have the 1977 poison tapes. We need to accept the version of guru tattva, presented by the people who evidently poisoned their guru, and who then hid the tapes of that event?

Rocana basically says that unless Jesus writes us a letter saying he needs to be worshiped, then he should not be worshiped? Why would Srila Prabhupada have to give a specific written and legal directive -- that his worship should continue, at all? Shouldn't his followers know this already, that his worship should continue AFTER he departs?

Apparently Rocana also thinks all these hidden documents have no value? 

Its not important to know that Srila Prabhupada did not appoint acharyas, and worse, these apparent acharyas made him complain he was being poisoned? Why does Rocana keep saying the people who apparently poisoned their guru are, were or could have been -- the appointed successors? And then he supported that these self-appointed deviants can select more "new gurus"? 

In fact Rocana seems to back pedal on all these important issues to go back in time to a point where -- most people (including Rocana) were ignorant of a lot of details of how this bogus guru appointment was enacted, including the rotten poisonous root -- i.e. the poison issue. 

Why? Rocana wants to go back to a point in time to where, most people were ignorant of the details because these documents were hidden and suppressed?

I was apparently lucky to be in Jayatirtha's zone because, his crazy drugs and illicit sex antics were so bizarre, we ALL knew he could not have been the "appointed successor to Krishna" with no additional documentation required. We knew simply from Srila Prabhupada's overall writings that Jayatirtha was not up to the standards of ACHARYA behavior. That means Jayatirtha was only appointed as a fallible agent, a manager, at best a priest / ritvik who would conduct things as a Church elder and not as the next messiah. Why does Rocana think these 11 were appointed to any higher capacity? 

And furthermore, the entire GBC was bogus to continue to keep Jayatirtha in that post, and to make him a "sannyasa acharya," and to continue to cover up his extensive deviations -- all the while keeping him in the post of acharya. So we knew from this one simple example -- of keeping a debauchee in the Vyasa seat -- that they were ALL deviating from Srila Prabhupada. These are the people we need to listen to when it comes to guru tattva?]

Page two


1. Position, function, jurisdiction of the acarya(s)

[PADA: OK we all had to accept that the 11 are acharyas, or be kicked out of the society. There was a very vicious mood of repressing anyone who challenged the appointed acharyas, problem being, there was no appointment of acharyas.]

2. Discussion of the meaning of the term rtvik acarya

[PADA: That means at least some few people knew that the GBC had only been appointed as ritviks, despite all the efforts to hide the documents. Again. We did not need to know they were not appointed as acharyas by some documents, we could tell that Jayatirtha's sex, drugs and rock and roll program was bogus, thus he was clearly not an acharya. Why does Rocana keep saying sex, drugs and rock and roll were the appointed successors to God? He keeps going back to the era where this illusion was at its peak? And he keeps citing the people who were creating these illusions?] 

3. Reason for appointment and mood of appointment of the eleven diksa-gurus at the time of Srila Prabhupada's disappearance

15. After the last Mayapur festival, all God-brothers were in clear mutual agreement that no one would try to establish himself as the acarya for a particular zone or part of ISKCON.

[PADA: And they still have zones now? This was never fixed, despite Rocana keeps saying there was a zonal era, no, the zonal era is still going on now.]

a. Sridhara Maharaja conversation 24 March 1978, Nabadwipa

[PADA: Great so Sridhara Maharaja is a component of the GBC and Rocana's guru tattva?]

a. see Sridhara Maharaja statements

24. Discussion about the future appointment of diksa gurus

[PADA: Rocana is saying now there does not need to be any appointment, anyone who wants to claim they are the next messiah, a sin absorbing Jesus -like figure, can do so.]

I am sincerely hoping to hear some clarification of these topics. Hoping this list will provide some enlivening philosophical discussion. Thank you for considering them. Hare Krsna.

Your servant,

Yasodanandan Swami

Did we forget to mention ex-children had to sue Rocana's messiahs for $400,000,000 for starving their school children while they ate like giant hogs? What kind of guru parampara is Rocana promoting?


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