Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Writing Florida FBI, Police, Child Welfare, Charity Commission etc.

Prabhu, the Miami ISKCON temple sale is going to be hard to prove as fraud, just like they are having the same problem in New York City with that temple sale. They really cannot easily nail Romapada for a crime of any type.

I see you are writing all kinds of Florida government agencies there, like the FBI, child welfare, police etc. but what you really need to focus on is -- more provable fraud. The GBC's teaching small children that God's successors and messiahs are often illicit sex perverts and deviants is fraudulent misrepresenting of the teachings of Krishna, and its no doubt the crime of corrupting the morals of minors. 

Where does God say he wants His little children to be taught that His messiahs and successors are often engaged in illicit sex with men, women and children? OK, He never says that, so the ISKCON leaders in general are criminal frauds for claiming that is what Krishna is teaching. He isn't. Any common man can also understand that teaching little children that God's guru successors are often sexual predators, criminals and perverts is also HARMFUL to children, its corrupting their morals (its a crime).  

You should thus focus on the crime of misleading children into believing that God's successors are sexual perverts, because that is something that is readily provable as a corruption of the teachings of Krishna (fraud), and its easily provable that teaching children to worship an illicit sex with men, women guru line violates their moral character (its de facto child abuse and corruption of the morals of minors).

Yes, selling the Miami temple is probably illegal, but not so easy to prove. They will just sell it and then set up shop in another location, where they will simply start teaching children that God's successors are perverts -- again. You need to show what they are teaching is wrong, its fraud, and and harmful to children, and that is what they are doing in whatever their current location might be. 

And you need to focus more on going to the media and so forth. You also have a good cause celebre if you donated so much money and now they are getting goondas to come after you and chase you out of the temple etc., but you need to make your complaint more to the actual point, and make if more clear, simple and concise. You need to study this article below and get to the root problem. ys pd

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