Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Hanuman Das and his bogus voted in gurus

[PADA NOTE: Yes, thanks, the only factually named authority that Hanuman das cites is Rocana. And Rocana says that Srila Prabhupada is the posthumous, post samadhi, postmortem person. Krishna and His acharyas are postmortem? And since we Prabhupadanugas say that Krishna, His acharyas and His books are living, we are the bad guys -- because we fail to recognize that Srila Prabhupada is dead, gone and postmortem and so we need to listen to the "living persons" -- ok these guys. 

Yep, God and His acharyas are all postmortem, but thankfully, we have these living persons to save us, and its Rocana and his "living disciples" like Hanuman, Torben, Ajit, Kim etc. who want to establish that Krishna and His acharyas are all dead and postmortem. All glories to the postmortem? Where do they come up with this? Clearly they are envious that some of us consider Krishna, Srila Prabhupada, and their books to be alive ... ys pd] 

[PADA: Great, anyone who wants to worship Srila Prabhupada is "annoying and stupid." And worse, the people who worship Srila Prabhupada are making "an idiotic conclusion." And even worse, the worship of Srila Prabhupada is coming from "the worst enemies of the world." Of course, some GBC people have told us this type thing all along ... 

And who knew!!! What we really need is "a living guru." 

Ooops, but then Hanuman all of a sudden becomes forgetful, he forgets the name of his living guru already! We all need to worship his living person, and that person is --- jeepers I forget, who am I worshiping? Maybe an old woman forgets the name of her cat, but generally no one forgets the name of their messiah and guru? All glories to -- nobody! Clearly this man is a mayavada. He cannot even identify any actual living person we should all worship?

Srila Prabhupada says that a person who does not give the name of their guru is a mayavada, and this would then include Torben Nielsen, Ajit Krishna, Kim Moller etc. We all need to worship the living guru, but they have no idea who that is? Lets face it, Hanuman has no living guru or he would have told us by now -- who that is -- and why he is such a great example for us to listen to. He gives no examples because he has none. Or more likely, these guys are worshiping the illicit sex GBC guru's "system" and they are too embarrassed to admit. Yep, we cannot even listen to their guru, we have to listen to them, they are the living persons we should all hear from!    

Then our friend Hanuman das says that because the ritviks say "everyone should read the books of Srila Prabhupada," they are bogus, because --  we all need to read the books of Srila Prabhupada? He is arguing with himself? Or is he stealing our argument? Everyone should do what the ritviks do and read the books, and why? Because they are the greatest enemies of the world!

OK, notice also that Hanuman has no faith in his living guru whatever, he says what we say all along, the real source of divyam jnanam is the book Bhagavat, and NOT his living guru. Self-evidently -- he has no faith in his own living guru. He only has faith in the books, just like us! 

Of course Hanuman once sent out a link to Bhakti vikas swami's writings, and he is bona fide because -- he is voted into the sex with Taxi drivers guru parampara? Why is Hanuman promoting the worship of sex with Taxi drivers guru parampara members and / or their writings? We need to listen to sex with Taxi driver's pada? Why? Yep! Rather, we need the book Bhagavat -- ooops, which means, he has stole and hi-jacked our whole theme! He steals our whole point, then says we are the idiots? Yep! He stole his whole "book bhagavata" idea from us, we said that in the early 1980s!  

Now if Hanuman is saying we need some "living acharya from the parampara to pull our ears," and he is making himself that very same "living person who is pulling our ears," then he has made himself the living acharya de facto. He is the living person who is pulling our ears, because he is the living acharya? How did he become the living acharya who will pull on our ears? We need a living guru to listen to, and hey listen to me, I am living -- therefore I am the acharya! What? 

Was he appointed by anyone, or did he just appoint himself as our living guide? We need a living person from the parampara to pull our ears, and he volunteered for the job? What makes him any different from the GBC's gurus, they also volunteered to be the living persons (and parampara members?) who pull on our ears. He is one of them?

Did we forget to mention that some of his living guru project folks are the ones going to the karmi movies and drinking Coca Cola, that is when they are not drinking Vodka? Who is monitoring his living gurus? Oh I forgot, Hanuman is monitoring his own living acharyas by chastising them on his videos. So he has made a pile of alleged living acharyas, but they are so bogus, he needs to chastise them left, right and center on a series of videos? Maybe he should stop rubber stamping so many fools as his living acharyas instead of constantly trying to rectify them? Who authorized him to rubber stamp all these fools as his acharyas in the first place?  

Yep! Here is the final order: "All of them will take over. All of them will become future spiritual masters." OK maybe, but which of them has become? And when did Srila Prabhupada say one -- eleven -- or any of them were fit to be spiritual masters NOW? 

Yes, a kindergarten teacher says all of his students are expected to become brain surgeons, does that mean any of these children has become NOW? Yes, become in future (maybe) but that means, its not happened yet! Of course we should give a scalpel to some kindergarten children and tell them, you have become brain surgeons NOW! Really? And then Hanuman says we are the idiots?

As for the Gaudiya Matha, Srila Prabhupada said NONE of them are qualified to be acharya. The Gaudiya Matha also had sexual predators as their acharyas, that is the process we should follow? Srila Prabhupada also said if we neophytes become diksha gurus and take sins we will get sick, fall down, or both from absorbing sins. And a number of Hanuman's "premature messiahs" has also died prematurely, allegedly from being too sick from taking sins. Why does Hanuman want people to get sick, fall down, and die? That is the way forward, to make a pile of premature "sin absorbing Jesus," who are getting sick and falling down left, right and center, from taking said sins? 

Anyway, he keeps saying therefore the solution is that we should read the books of Srila Prabhupada if we do not want to be cheated. That means he has no faith that he, or anyone else, has become guru. 

Worse, the ritvik group were the first people who wanted original editions of the books. And we fought hard to get these printed. So, the ritviks are bogus because -- they wanted original books? What books does Hanuman want us to have then?, obviously, he wants the changed books because he says we are making anarchy by opposing his book changers process. Of course if Hanuman offers his bhogha to his hokey living gurus, thus his offering is remaining bhogha, this might cloud his brain?

Hanuman Das says we should work with the GBC gurus because they have "a system." Okay, and what is their system? Their system to change and rewrite all the books of the acharya. Why should we surrender to such a system? Same problem we have with Torben, we need to worship his living gurus, ooops, aren't these same folks changing the books? 

Yes, the ritviks are anarchists and bogus because they are not supporting the GBC's living guru process, which is modifying all of the books. Then Hanuman says he is not happy that people are reminding him that his GBC's guru system is "guru voting." Well sorry, it is. Then he says it does not matter if they are voted in or not. OK wait a minute, it does not matter if one is certified by a bona fide brain surgery school, or if one gets their brain surgeon certificate from the bottom of a box of Cheerios? 

It does not matter who certified the acharya? Well Krishna is the person who certifies His own acharyas, not you guys! No wonder you guys have so many flaky gurus, you are certifying them and NOT Krishna.

Of course meanwhile he says -- only by reading the books can we be free of being cheated, which means, he is admitting his living gurus are cheaters. Well no kidding, because we know that his "voted in" guru parampara is very likely the sex with taxi driver's guru parampara, no wonder he does not want to mention their actual names.   

So the "system" that Hanuman is promoting is very similar to the Vatican system of voting for the Pope. And he says we need to work with such bogus ecclesiastical GBC "systems" of guru voting, because then otherwise we have anarchy and no system. Yet guru voting itself is anarchy from the real system? 

Simultaneously, Hanuman is number one in the world against the GBC's living gurus and their process. He criticizes Sacinandan as a sahajiya, criticizes Radhanath for opening hospitals, etc. then he attack us, for criticizing his living gurus, which he himself is criticizing? His whole idea is that acharyas need to be criticized, but the ten offenses say -- no one can criticize the guru? That means Hanuman thinks gurus are fools who can be criticized.  

So Hanuman is number one at openly opposing and creating anarchy against the GBC's gurus. Meanwhile he is against our Prabhupadanugas worship of the acharya, the bogus ritvik idea, ok that is actual anarchy, he has no system.

Simultaneously, he says we need the bogus GBC's "system" of monitoring and correcting his gurus. That means he thinks gurus are defective and therefore they need monitoring, censure, suspension, and removal, because they are deviants. Why does Hanuman think the parampara is full of deviants? OK he is not reading the books, clearly.

Hanuman does not know,  his system of guru voting and monitoring is never done, nor was he appointed to see which of his acharyas are behaving properly and not behaving properly. Nor are acharyas EVER censured, chastised or removed for deviations. This process does not apply to God's successors, because God's successors do not need to be voted in, censured, excommunicated -- this "system" does not apply to God and His successors, which proves that Hanuman is not reading Srila Prabhupada's books or he would know all this.

The successors to God are not subject to all of these ecclesiastical rules. Anyway Hanuman goes around in a big circle, we need to follow the books if we don't want to be cheated. Yet the ritviks are bogus because they provided the original books. That means he wanted us to fail, and have changed books.

We need to work with "the system" which is -- the GBC system, and they are changing the books, so we need to work with these cheaters. The ritviks have no living person, so we need to listen to him, he is our self - appointed living authority. He is everyone's living guide by making videos. Wouldn't it be better for Hanuman to say what we say, we are aspiring representatives (ritvks) of the 

The worst problem with Hanuman is, his saying we need a system to monitor the deviations of the guru's successors to God, that means, he thinks he's in charge of administering God and His successors. He is exactly on the same page as the GBC who also say we need to monitor God and God's successors. God and His pure devotees do not need your bogus monitoring "system"! Hello! 

Nope! Only God administers his guru successors, no one else. Can you guys start reading the books for a change? thanks pd



  1. Right, Hanuman says the ritviks are bogus, we need to read the books, but without the ritviks, we would not even have original edition books. So he is not even in favor of having original edition books, because he is against the people who orchestrated them.

    Then, he claims the ritviks have no living person, what, he is alive and none of us are? What kind of foolishness is that? Gaura Govinda maharaja told me the same thing, we have no living person in our process, apparently, he was thinking he is alive and I am dead. The rtivks are not living persons?

    Except right now, GGM is dead and I am not? This living thing is a bogus scam to self-promote a few fools as big authority, like Torben, Ajit, Hanuman, the GBC, Gaura govinda, all these folks think they can speak because they are living and none of the rest of us are living, even a kindergarten child can see how ridiculous these fools are. ys pd

  2. Dear PADA, Hanuman does not think Srila Prabhupada's books give any divyam jnamam? The books are not taking away our sins? They are mundane books? What is his point? B**** Dasi

    Diksa is the process by which one can awaken his transcendental knowledge and vanquish all reactions caused by sinful activity. A person expert in the study of the revealed scriptures knows this process as diksa. Bhakti Sandarbha 283

  3. Yes, Hanuman, Torben, Ajit, Kim Moller, Kailash etc, they are all fans of Rocana, because Rocana says Srila Prabhupada is the "posthumous, post samadhi, post mortem" acharya. Yep God is dead and so are His acharyas.

    That is also why they say we are bogus Christians, because the Christians say Jesus is eternally alive and they hate that. That means they think they are the important ones because they are so-called alive, and God is post mortem because His acharyas are too.

    Notice, that is the first thing they teach, Krishna's acharyas are post mortem, dead, but thanks to Hanuman, we now have a live person to listen to, its him! What kind of person says their guru is the post mortem dead guy?, and thus the person you need to listen to is the live guy, and its them? And worse, Hanuman's living people are doing a hatchet job of killing Prabhupada's books with editing, and that is another reason he does not like the ritviks, we have to save the books from Hanuman's program of killing the books with his living guru's doing a living hatchet job on the books. Why does Hanuman not even mention that his program is doing a hatchet job on the books, and we have to save the books from his "living" book changer program?, obviously he is with the book changing hatchet job folks, and that is the real reason he does not like us, we are exposing him and his book changer living post mortem messiahs. ys pd

  4. Yes, Hanuman says all of the disciples of Prabhupada could have been diksha gurus, never mind most of them could not even keep up basic sadhana standards after 1977? He has a very low bar to be a sin absorbing saint like Jesus.

    He also says he only quotes the books, yet where does Srila Prabhupada say Krishna and His parampara members are posthumous, post samadhi and postmortem? This is in the books?

    No, its something Hanuman and Rocana concocted, this is found nowhere in any of the books, they are making things up and then trying to blame Srila Prabhupada for their own mental speculations. Rather Srila Prabhupada says it is an offense to consider guru is a dead person, when he lives eternally in his vani.

    And if the books are not the source of "divyam jnanam which destroys sins" (aka diksha) then what else is? He never says, he has no source of diksha in his program, which is why, they have no program, Rocana is just some guy on a computer in Vancouver and he avoids us and the GBC program, while he makes none himself, its anarchy.

    ys pd

  5. Correct, the fact that Hanuman / Torben / Ajit etc are promoting Rocana and his site that says Krishna's guru parampara is -- posthumous, post samadhi and postmortem -- proves, they are not reading the books. None of this is found in the books, anywhere, and they do not know that because they are not studying the books. Krishna is eternal and so is His parampara, that is stated everywhere in the books, and worse, its also stated that it is an offense to consider gurus are no longer present in their vani, that would make their vani mundane. Nevermind saying the vani of Krishna and His parampara is postmortem. ys pd

  6. Thanks prabhu, glad you were "falling off your seat laughing at the foolish arguments presented by Mr. Hanuman das." Yes, he does not even say which books he is reading? Our unchanged books or "the system" of the GBC and their changed books? He says he is with "the system"? Bad idea!

    Furthermore, you are correct that Hanuman is self-evidently listening to various living fools instead of listening to living people who know better, ok like the Prabhupadanugas. He has chosen the wrong living people to listen to, ok guys like Rocana, founder father of the postmortem sampradaya. All glories to -- the postmortem dead sampradaya? Where did Hanuman get that from, his bogus living gurus that's where!

    Same exact problem we have with the Sanat / Mukunda / Prahlad / Janardana / HKC Jaupur team, they sent me links to their living living authority, guys like Bhakta das and Hari Sauri. OK so they are listening to the biggest defenders of the worship of illicit sex messiahs on the planet as their living guidance.

    What kind of living guidance is that? Worse, they say PADA needs to be taken off the internet, because we do not worship their hokey pokester messiahs? Sulochana said these guys are not as advanced as dogs, because dogs do not worship illicit sex?

    They also cannot explain their position, they clearly are not reading the books either. Anyway, unfortunately, Sulochana is correct, even animals do not worship illicit sex postmortem guru programs, they know better! ys pd


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