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Hansadutta / Berkeley Temple / pt. 3

Flaunted the idea that God's successors are criminals and sexual predators, what could go wrong here? Of course, there are planets where these ideas are the norm, God's successors are deviants ... but much lower planets than earth.

A devotee from Montreal recently asked Hansadutta some really good questions. Yet, I think Hansadutta takes advantage that some people are really NOT clear of the factual history of what ISKCON / Hansadutta were doing during the 1980s. 

For example -- Hansadutta says he's not really sure why the 1980 "Topanga discussions" were opened up in the first place, and he more or less claims that he and Tamal Krishna Goswami (TKG) were having this discussion by some chance meeting, for unknown reasons. Yet there were real reasons why TKG and Hansadutta were having this discussion in Topanga. 

First of all, Hansadutta had been censured by the GBC when he put the entire ISKCON society into grave trouble when Federal Marshals raided his Temple and Farm due to his negligence. This reflected poorly on the entire society, and was reported in national and even international news media. 

Many GBC then said that since Hansadutta is not capable of managing, he is a liability, and thus he should be removed for his mismanagement. There was also the allegation that the police found a "hit list" in Hansadutta's diary where he said we need to eliminate some of the other GBC's gurus. There are a lot of other similar details of Hansadutta's shenanigans in the book "Monkey On A Stick" about the Hansadutta era, which details more bad media which he co-created. 

Yet, all that really happened was -- he was suspended from guru duties. And what is a suspension from guru duties? No one has ever explained properly. Simultaneously, TKG was saying he has the exclusive "guru shakti" from Krishna, and therefore he is superior to all other ten GBC's gurus. Yep! TKG has the real understanding of Krishna, and none of the other ten GBC's gurus have this divine understanding, which he alone is privy to. So TKG was suspended as well for trying to "take over." 

TKG was essentially putting himself head and shoulders above all the other ten gurus and all other leaders of ISKCON by claiming he had been "empowered" by the guru shakti principle, and none of the other ten gurus have this shakti. Of course even mayavadas make this same claim, that they have been "empowered by the guru shakti." Ok this is bogus.    

Thus, both Hansadutta and TKG were suspended by the GBC for overstepping their positions as gurus and leaders, TKG especially, for his trying to usurp the position of leading the entire guru sabha, by taking power away from the rest of the GBC's and gurus with his bogus "guru shakti" claim. Thus TKG and Hansadutta went to Topanga to launch a sort of counter protest for their being minimized by the rest of the GBC's and the other "acharya board" members. 

And so they began to admit that the entire "guru appointment" was a lie and fraud, there had never been any guru appointment. They said this as a political means of leveraging themselves into a position of power over the other nine gurus. Look out, if you come after us, we will dismantle the whole appointed guru apparatus, and you nine other gurus will go down with us. 

So they both agreed, there had never been ANY guru appointment, and thus no one was ever authorized to be a guru in ISKCON post-1977. They were really pulling the carpet out from under the entire GBC's false guru platform -- that eleven gurus had been appointed. The other leaders were now in a very difficult situation. If the other members of the "acharya board" would remove Hansadutta and TKG, these two would then blow the whistle on the fact that the entire post - 1977 guru appointment program was fraudulent, and thus destroy their whole appointed guru program. 

Saying eleven gurus had NEVER been appointed was essentially a blackmail program. Thus, what they were really saying was, allow us to continue to be gurus, or there won't be any appointed gurus, we will scuttle the whole show and expose it as a fraud, and sink the whole eleven guru sabha process. 

At the same time, they admit that their program was causing severe pain and grief to the disciples of Srila Prabhupada, and its causing a mass exodus of many sincere souls from ISKCON. So that means they knew their program was harming if not destroying ISKCON, and this was also causing severe grief to the devotees of Srila Prabhupada. OK, they admit, they are the ones causing all this distress to the Vaishnavas and causing ISKCON to lose many sincere people. Sometimes people say these leaders did not know how much pain and grief, never mind bad public media they were causing, but they admit they knew in the Topanga tape.   

However, ISKCON and the suffering ISKCON devotees did not really amount to very much in their thinking, because they soon after tossed all of these devotees under the bus and went back to being "the appointed gurus." In other words, they de facto admit they do not care about Krishna, His temples, His devotees, the reputation of the society (because they kept the machine gun swami) and so on.

Anyway, taking these two out would then eliminate the whole entire appointed guru program. In other words, TKG and Hansadutta threatened the other nine gurus, that if the other nine would remove them, they would pull down and destroy the entire false guru sabha program, by exposing that fact that -- no one had been appointed as gurus. So this shocked the other nine and forced them to realize that Hansadutta and Tamal were acting like guru appointment suicide kamikazes, these two would blow up the whole appointed guru process to pieces if the other nine removed them. If they could not be MAFIA dons, they would get the other MAFIA dons busted by the cops.

Simultaneously, Sridhar Maharaja came to their defense, and he was saying we need to keep TKG and Hansadutta in the post of acharyas to "keep the faith of the sisyas." In other words, we need to cheat the innocent newcomers into worshiping people who had never even been appointed as gurus. And we need to keep the process of producing bad publicity, and forcing out the mass of devotees in a purge -- all going along full tilt.

Then Satsvarupa Dasa Goswami and Sridhara Maharaja had a meeting together, and they made an audiotape where Sridhara Maharaja said we need to keep Hansadutta and TKG as acharyas. So Sridhara Maharaja emerged as the big-time time "assistant" for the false GBC gurus at that time. SM also assisted keeping the false program going by helping stop Ramesvara from quitting, when he had wanted to resign from the guru post. In other words as soon as a deviant was going to be removed from a Vyasa seat, Sridhara Maharaja wanted to put him back in the seat and keep the worship of deviants going forward.  

At that time there was a huge eight foot-high photo of Hansadutta sitting with Sridhara Maharaja in the foyer of the Berkeley Temple, and Hansadutta was promoting SM in a big way, not only in 1980, but up to 1986. Brahmananda also complained that Hansadutta was promoting Sridhara, but at the same time Sridhara Maharaja was the one who said the GBC should vote in more gurus. Brahmananda apparently did not realize that the entire GBC's appointed guru program, and their guru voting program etc. was already established in large part by following Sridhara Maharaja's ideas. 

The problem with all this is, it established a precedent that the eleven gurus were now essentially bulletproof from criticism. They could not be charged with any sort of crime by the other GBCs, because each of them held an axe of power over the heads of the entire GBC guru program. Thus each of them could threaten to take the whole GBC guru showbottle down if one of them was being threatened with removal -- by exposing the bogus guru appointment of ALL of them. 

This allowed all sorts of crimes and deviations to take place subsequently. In other words, Topanga cemented in all the other deviations, they then could not remove Bhavananda, Harikesh, Ramesvara, Bhagavan, Kirtananada, Hrdayananda etc when they deviated, because they too held a giant axe over the rest, and they could expose the whole fraudulent guru program, and bring the whole lying house of cards down. So the whole system of checks and balances of the managers was thwarted. 

And in this way Hansadudtta indirectly helped cause the subsequent banning, beating, molesting and assassinations program, because he helped make the GBC resilient to any form of criticism, ... which lead to "the cult enforced ritualistic worship of sexual predators as messiahs." 

Yep, Hansadutta helped along the molester messiahs program, and its brutal enforcement system, by making it nearly impossible for the GBC to have any form of checks and balances, because now Hansadutta helped forge the "blackmail tool" that any of the eleven could use when they were being checked, and so, they became unchecked, even from crimes. Stilson Judah said this program is Antinomianism, lawless in the name of religion. 

The axe program. 

Hansadutta co-created the axe over the heads of the other GBC's process, a form of black mail over the other leaders, which stopped almost any form of internal ISKCON justice system from operating ... which is why crimes became rampant ... and why their crimes had to be corrected by external programs, like the police, courts, media etc. Of course criminals create black mail programs, what else is new?

This opened the Pandora's box flood gates for all the crimes that subsequently took place, including child molesting, beatings, and even murders ... very difficult to check because this program of having an axe over the others made it nearly impossible to get any form of internal justice moving forward. 

Of course the rank and file devotees were not aware of the content of the Topanga talks until we got a copy from -- Hansadutta's safe, in 1985. They hid this conversation, and we released it while facing death threats for even holding such documents.

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