Wednesday, March 1, 2017

German Devotee vs Puri Temple priest (update)

Sri Kallidai: The recent post about the arrest of a German devotee shared in our forum in Mayapur is fake news, replete with mistakes. I know him personally.

First of all, the name is wrong. His proper name is Jesus Qcolki Malki Mendoza Englberger. His name and family name come from his Peruvian & German parents. He used to be a temple president of Simhachalam farm in Germany. His initiated name is Govinda Dev Das, and is a disciple of Indradyumna Swami.

I haven't been able to reach him but the other common friend did. Haridasa Thakur Dasa, from Vienna, talked to him and this is what he wrote on FaceBook regarding that:

"He went to take darshan of Patita Pavana Jagannath. A priest offered him to get Prasad. And Govinda Dev said sure, nice, and also he asked for allowance to enter. Than a younger panda came and said non hindus aren't allowed to enter. He answered he follows sanatana dharma all his life. But the panda criticized that all the Western devotees are mlecchas, that they all eat beef and have 40 wives in bed at the same time, which is simply not true, because Govinda never eats meat and has only one wife. So Govinda tried to clear up the misunderstanding, but the panda just continued, and the temple panda got more intense and offensive.

So Govinda became impatient and took his mala and gave the panda a little hit on the head with it. Five minuntes later all the media was there and he gave many interviews but they preferred to take the sensational version of the panda as more worthy. So many parts of that story are a total lie." 

His wife Jayaprada Radhika devi-dasi wrote his :

"You can see what he was saying in the national news on TV. Also even other pandits were laughing and standing up for Govinda discounting the lies they heard the priest saying ... and the media embellished even further in article ... we absolutely cannot blindly 'believe' anything we hear in today's media... if we do that is our downfall and will ultimately be our undoing .. this is across the board on any mainstream media ... there is always an agenda on their part.. as mentioned in this case maybe they wanted to make an example of someone and on the other hand it's triggered an important issue so that's positive. 

He tried to get into the line and started inside the main gate which wasn't near the temple doors or even in the main line in front of the temple.. then he started stating why he should be allowed in and once the priest started yelling at him as the police came .... as mentioned the other priests around were standing up for Govinda saying out loud how the main priest was lying.. they were laughing about it.. anyway ... Kali Yuga right.. Govinda is completely detached about the whole thing... "

It's now made national news on prime time TV ... there was a half hour segment solely on this called BIG DEBATE! Should other nationals be allowed to enter the temple ... Govinda is there talking, saying non Hindus, atheists, and Muslims for example and etc.. enter.. he knows of some personally ... and him being a devotee of Lord Jagannatha isn't allowed to enter.. also he did not even get past the gate to line up to enter inside .. was only talking and absolutely there was no stick or pushing.. its all on video.. just the media fabricating maybe to make an example of someone. 

Good, the main issue at hand is bought to light though. He's completely fine and in good spirits.

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