Wednesday, March 22, 2017

ISKCON Desire Tree Spokesman Investigated

[PADA: Apparently, ISKCON Desire Tree's Chaitanya Charan das is under internal GBC investigation for allegedly making outrageous comments in lectures. He is part of Jayapataka's / Dayaram's / GBC's Bangalore program and is a disciple of Radhanath. And he is part of the group that is suing Bangalore ISKCON for their idea, that we need to worship the pure devotee and not their debauchee pretend gurus.

Anyway, he has been allegedly charged with saying some things in a few lectures that would make it appear that Srila Prabhupada is making mistakes like an ordinary conditioned soul, thus acharyas are defective beings. An internal GBC committee investigation is under way to see if that is what he actually meant, and the leader of the investigation is Basu Ghosha das. 

Oh swell, so the same people who have (for the past 35 years) been promoting the idea that acharyas are often debauchees, are going to investigate -- themselves, for saying that acharyas are defective? Makes no sense? The leaders are saying acharyas are defective, and so we need to investigate the disciples, for saying the same thing? We have to investigate a child for swearing in Kindergarten, without investigating the parents, from whence the child learned the swear words?

Why is this party saying that acharyas are often illicit sex debauchees in the first place, and why is Basu ghosha promoting and supporting such a regime? Radhanath buried Kirtanananda in the holy dham, so its well known these people for the past 35 years are worshiping sexual predators, criminals and orchestrators of murders as their acharyas, never mind saying that acharyas are defective. This is very silly, the same people who are saying that acharyas are often deviants, fools, fallen souls, mistaken clowns, sexual predators, criminals etc. are now wondering why their disciples are preaching the same thing? 

Chaitanya Charan das is one of the bigger spokesman on the site ISKCON Desire Tree. Well, if you desire an acharya, how handy is that, they have a pile of sexual predators and crooks to hand off to you and your children to worship under their fabulous desire tree. If you desire a guru, they have illicit sex gurus, criminals, deviants, and / or the persons voted in by their illicit sex gurus like Radhanath.
Radhanath is clearly, albeit gradually, taking over the entire ISKCON agenda, now his photo is being plastered around Mayapura and etc. Wasn't he the main henchman of the Kirtanananda regime? Has the GBC learned nothing? Amazing, the same people who say that acharyas are often debauchees, are having to investigate a person, who says acharyas are defective conditioned souls? This is simply a pile of word juggling, you cannot investigate yourself for saying what you say all the time? If anything, Chaitanya Caran is the victim of the Basu Ghosha's program that promotes debauchees as their acharyas. 

Anyway, the people who say that Krishna's successors are often deviants are saying that so they can impugn Krishna. Krishna is a criminal rascal because His successors are criminal rascals. Yes, that is what this is all about from square one, the rascals want to make Krishna and His successors into rascals, to discourage people from worship of Krishna. 

This has gone on since the material world started. Unfortunately, the people who say that Krishna's successors are often crooks and debauchees will most likely have to spend another 50 trillion years in the material world, minimum, because no one is allowed to say that Krishna and His successors are rascals, without being punished severely. ys pd]

UPDATE March 22nd 2017: I was informed that currently there is IIAC investigation going on headed by Basu Gosh das, for the investigation and fair treatment of Caitanya Caran. IIAC investigation will be completed within 2-3 weeks. 


  1. I am not sure if the ISKCON Desire Tree folks are aware that the GBC preaches that gurus are often debauchees. One of their people there who is often in Bangalore, Dayarama dasa, did tell me he knows the GBC is making sexual deviants into their acharyas, so at least some of them know. ys pd

  2. Yes, this is a little crazy. The guy who says that acharyas have minor defects is being investigated by the party which says acharyas are often full blown criminal deviants. Yes, it seems like the investigators are worse than the person being investigated. Agreed. ys pd

  3. Right, the idea that Srila Prabhupada wants conditioned souls to be worshiped as Krishna's acharyas is itself making it look like acharyas are defective, because they want and order defective programs. There is no evidence Srila Prabhupada wants conditioned souls to be worshiped as Krishna's guru successors. But yes, the whole foundation of their idea is, that acharyas make mistakes and thus they appoint conditioned souls and false acharyas as their successors. ys pd


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