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Poison conversation pt.2

Mayesa Dasa: I contend that the tapes were never sent to the FBI and that this has been made up. I understand having read everyhting and listened to all tapes, etc why a neophyte would fall hook line and sinker-and also when you speak with them you will find how "everything must go into the pot": murder, murders, child molestation, Ritvik theory ... I can even understand how a more advanced person might at least "hear the evidence,etc" and then come to conclusion. But when you examine philosophically two things stand out- Even SP were murdered what would that change? And how you can point your finger -"That person did" -if you don't know for certain-what a terrible offense. I was fortunate to be in a position to know and watch how these rumors grew....These are the weeds.

PADA: Contend what you like, Srila Prabhupada said he was being poisoned. Why would you say his direct statements are a hoax? Everyone in the room verified he said he is being poisoned. Was everyone in the room in on the hoax? The whispers on the tape are verified by three separate audio forensic labs. Is this part of the hoax plot? The hair sample was verified by forensics. More hoaxsters? Several kavirajas contend poison. They were in on the hoax too? Naveen's father is one of the Kaviraja's, are all these people making all this up out of nothing, this is some giant conspiracy? Isa and others have done a lot of work putting the tape evidence together and no one has made a counter site to dis-prove any this at all with counter forensics. Puripada is also not an expert on anything. Many thousands of people accept these things as evidence. I also did not say that knowing Jesus was crucified would change anything, that is not the point. You cannot simply say this is all a hoax, you have to prove that. And Puripada has not done so, at all. ys pd

Mayesa Dasa Haridasa-it is good to confront them because others are hearing and not hearing counter.

Raya Nitai Dasa Vanacari

PADA Mayesva, can you just stick to the statements of Prabhupada, those who confirmed what he said in the room, the whispers, the hair sample analysis, the two kavirajas who thought he was being poisoned and so on? Puripada is not an expert on anything. ys pd

Palaka Dasa And where's that famous quote about Ram and Ravana or the response about choosing which death?

Raya Nitai Dasa Vanacari Anyone who takes the side of PADA on any issue is fool number one!

PADA Yes, Srila Prabhupada was saying he wanted to leave his room, and they were not allowing him to go. He wanted to go out on a bullock cart. Tamal said this bullock cart idea is suicidal. And Srila Prabhupada said, if he stays in the room then Ravana will kill me. Yes, who was that Ravana party? Puripada does not defeat any of the evidence. Nor does he even attempt to go through it.

Raya Nitai Dasa Vanacari His Grace Palaka Dasa contacted me about 5 times to arrange for me to print one of the latest articles of His Grace Rupanuga Dasa on He told me that if the devotee mobster, Rocana from has any problem with it that he would have Rupanuga Dasa defend me and stand up for me. When Rocana Dasa threatened me for pirating his content, and Rupanuga left me hanging, Palaka Dasa became a spineless jellyfish and cowardly told me that he didn't want to be in the middle of things.

Raya Nitai Dasa Vanacari Does a single person on this planet think that Tim Lee is not a complete madman? Here is an article about offensive devotees who get too caught up in conspiracy theories, due to their conditioning:

Raya Nitai Dasa Vanacari PADA - Ritvik madman, Isa Dasa - Narayana Maharaja sahajiya madman, Rocana Dasa criticism personified devotee mobster madman: These are the demons behind the whole Prabhupada poison hoax.

PADA Raya, We now have about 120 Prabhupadanuga centers world wide, over 20 in Russia, many in India, 4 in Ukraine, several around Singapore, also Taiwan, China, Croatia, 4 home programs in Montreal, 2 in Seattle, and a new one in Vancouver, a new temple here in San Francisco, etc. and our blog gets hits from all over the world from everywhere, most of these people believe us: -- These gurus were not appointed, the books are being changed without authority, that Srila Prabhupada was complaining he was being poisoned, and so on and so forth. There are literally thousands of people on board with all these issues. Its no longer "one mad person." I am also being interviewed for TV, sorry our views are spreading all over the place. As for Narayana Maharaja, Tamal was the person who brought him into ISKCON. ys pd

Raya Nitai Dasa Vanacari @ PADA - The ISKCON Reform Movement is one thing. You are not the ISKCON Reform Movement! You are a complete demon! Listing the centers that the ISKCON Reform Movement has is not proof that you are not a complete demon. Even if you make it on some documentary, you will still be a complete demon!

PADA Raya, Well good luck, unless you can produce a good explanation for the several poison complaints from Srila Prabhupada, why everyone in his room confirms he says he is being poisoned, counters to the concrete forensic evidences, including the whispers and the hair sample analysis, etc. Your quoting Puripada has no value, he is not an expert on anything, he used to be Ronald Mc Donald for goodness sakes, he has no forensic capacity and never did. 

We are independent of the IRM? We have our own centers, they have theirs. Of course we are similar, but we have way more centers than they do.

Raya Nitai Dasa Vanacari IRM, Prabhupadanugas, all idiots.

PADA OK, well that is fine, but we are growing and the GBC guru program is falling apart, they have maybe ten people left at the Berkeley ISKCON temple, we have a packed place at our temple. We are gaining and they are losing, do the math.

In any case you have avoided the issue, Puripada is not a forensic expert or any kind of expert, we are citing experts, you are citing the former Ronald Mc Donald. Good luck with that.

Raya Nitai Dasa Vanacari
His Holiness Tamal Krishna Goswami On Srila Prabhupada’s Disappearance
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MadhavaLata Devi Dasi Centers and thousands of people basically resentful, spending their time accusing and lamenting, filling the internet with their mental dementia thinking of the bad done by others instead of thinking of Krishna. Because thousands of people are exposed to this nonsense does not mean that you are spreading Krishna consciousness knowing the inclination in Kali yuga for conflict. You are spreading a conflict based on suppositions. What is it spread here? No love, for sure. Love do not grow on resentment. 

And the person of Srila Prabhupada is completely undermined because if Krishna is saying that his devotee will never perish do you really think that HE would leave his pure devotee at the level of Srila Prabhupada being miserly poisoned by his envious disciples as you describe them? So where is the speciality the uniqueness of Srila Prabhupada? What faith are you building in this people? You are an offender of Srila Prabhupada with all your centers and thousands of people.

PADA OK Raya you just said that the Narayana Maharaja people are all sahajiya nut cases, and Tamal is the person who brought NM into ISKCON. And in 1993 the GBC was going to remove Tamal for his connection to the "rasika guru" NM? Why are you saying you are against the NM sahajiyas, and now you are citing the leader of the NM sahajya club? This makes no sense?

Raya Nitai Dasa Vanacari Does anything make sense to a madman?

Raya Nitai Dasa Vanacari
Poison Antidote – Part One
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Mayesa Dasa What HDG Danavir has written is very worthwhile reading.

Raya Nitai Dasa Vanacari

Poison Antidote – Part Two
By His Holiness Danavir Goswami: The poison proponents accuse Srila Prabhupada’s...

PADA Raya, you said you are against the NM sahajiyas, then you quoted the FOUNDER FATHER and leader of the NM sahajiya group, Tamal? Narayana Maharaja was Tamal's rasika guru from 1984 until 1993? Can you at least make sense, either you are for the NM rasika club or not? You said you are against it, then you cite the leader of it as your authority?

Raya Nitai Dasa Vanacari If these things are too difficult for you to understand, maybe you should just chant.

PADA Danavir does not touch any of the evidences, statements, quotes, forensics, nothing.
Well you are contradicting yourself, you said you are against the NM sahajiya club, then you cite them as your authority. You are making a contradiction, Srila Prabhupada says contraction is material.

Raya Nitai Dasa Vanacari @ PADA The first principles to follow are chanting a minimum of sixteen rounds daily on beads and following four regulative principles. No eating of meat, fish, or eggs. No illicit sex. No gambling. No intoxicating substance abuse. All devotees must rise by 4 a.m. These are the basics. Now, Tim Lee, when you can do these things, then we can see about getting you initiated into the sampradaya.

PADA I think Danavir was one of the people who said the Tamal rasika club was bogus?
Now you are all promoting Tamal and the NM rasika club? Has Danavir any sense of what he was saying a few days ago?

MadhavaLata Devi Dasi Do you really think that Srila Prabhupada was abandoned by Krishna, if it was in Krishna plan for him to stay and continue his preaching activity? Do you understand of whom you are talking about : Lord Nityananda's chief commander! Talking this nonsense for decades your faith in Srila Prabhupada has dwindled and vanished. Who is following you are drugged by their ego without faith, without love. Face it.

Raya Nitai Dasa Vanacari @ Tim Lee: So, maybe you can take initiation from His Holiness Danavir Goswami? Are you aspiring for him?

PADA Was Jesus abandoned by God. This is what the Satanists say? No, Danavir makes no sense, he is against the Tamal rasika club, then he cites Tamal as his authority? That means he has no line of authority.

MadhavaLata Devi Dasi Jesus used his yogi mystical power and survived the cross. Talk about KC do not pull in other religion obscure history manipulated by some like you are doing to ours.

PADA OK, Srila Prabhupada said he was being poisoned by someone, he said that several times, I have faith that his statements are accurate, you do not. I have faith in the words of the pure devotee, he said, several times, I am being poisoned here. He said he heard people talking about poisoning him. He did hear them, they were whispering about it, we have it on tape.

Raya Nitai Dasa Vanacari If you weren't a looser madman, you might be able to understand a little bit of things Srila Prabhupada has stated.

PADA I have faith he was aware of what he was talking about. Raya you are saying you are against the madman rasika club, and they are your authority, you do not even understand what you said?  You are fighting your own shadow here, you are for the people you are against?

Raya Nitai Dasa Vanacari I have heard the tapes and I thought they said "PADA is an offensive demon meant to destroy the world."

PADA Well you said that Tamal is your authority, and he is the leader of the madman sahajiya club, so you have argued with -- yourself? Let me know when you want to discuss with others, you are fighting your own statements.

Raya Nitai Dasa Vanacari @ PADA: If you would like to make some advancement, put some books in a bag and go out and distribute them.

PADA Tamal is the leader of the Madman sahajiyas club, therefore, he is my authority?

MadhavaLata Devi Dasi You want to believe it to make people see Srila Prabhupada a helpless sick person lying in a bed this you are proposing to the mass of people. While he had more yogi powers than the Jesus you just mentioned and the Sudarsana cakra of the Lord would not have waited any time to burn rascals to ashes. Where is your faith Tim Lee?

PADA I do not beleive anything except what he said, and what the whispers said and so on,
I believe him and what he said, you do not. 

Raya Nitai Dasa Vanacari The whispers said you are an idiot.

PADA He also said just like they killed Jesus they may kill me also.

Mayesa Dasa The murder of the disciplic succession is the murder of the whole line-by teaching that the disciplic succession has come to an end on SP's order-what have you done? You have committed an offense against a pure devotee by proclaiming that he was so puffed up he made himself "the last"...

PADA Bhavananda: Prabhupada was complaining of mental distress this morning also. 
Bhakticaru: Srila Prabhupada. 
SP: Hmm? 
Bhakticaru (Bengali): Ota ki byapaar hoyechelo? mental distress? ....

Somone gave him poison here, that is what everyone in the room agreed Srila Prabhupada was saying. And the kaviraja says, some demon (rakshasa) gave him poison here. So this was all on the tape, and when its enhanced, so are the whispers etc. Bhakti caru then left the room and was crying outside, saying that Prabhupada was saying he was being poisoned by someone, he told that to Abhinanda dasa. He was there.

MadhavaLata Devi Dasi Your way of underestimating Srila Prabhupada and Lord Nityananda is very subtle, very dangerous, do not touch who have faith, you can influence only rascals desiring to be cheated. Really a good example for describing what a devotee should not be.

PADA You have no faith in what he says, that is your business, I do have faith. The whispers, the hair sample, they merely confirmed what he said. So he said something, and it has been confirmed, so our faith is not just faith, we can back it with professional forensics.

A comprehensive counterpoint to all the statements of Srila Prabhupada, the confirmation statements of ALL the people in the room, the whispers, the hair sample, the statements of the kavirajas etc, has never been done. I have faith in substance,

MadhavaLata Devi Dasi PADA you did not get even one "like" until now move to other places to get your proselytes. Your vision, because of your absence of faith. is so short that you do not even take into consideration that Srila Prabhupada is still relating also in dream to others.

PADA My main website gets 1.5 million hits a month. My blog gets 1,000 hits a day or more from all over the world, Russia, China, Australia, South Africa and so on, my video site has had nearly quarter of a million hits, and so on, We are getting people to worship HDG. We had 1,000 Prabhupada Vyasa pooja offerings just from just Bangalore alone, we have way more people who have faith in Prabhupada than the Raya program ever will have. ys pd

Analysis of the tape

ISKCON 10 Srila Prabhupada poison complaint pt 2
Srila Prabhupada and ISKCON

MadhavaLata Devi Dasi wow you have the numbers for a political party...I would even see Madhu Pandit of Bangalore the Minister of Finance! So many can qualify as your followers among those deluded by Sai Baba.

PADA You said that the people who offer pooja to Srila Prabhupada are important, and we had 1,000 such offerings in Bangalore, now you are saying the Prabhupada devotees are politicians and deluded Sai Babas. Can you people get your story together, before you post things? 

With all due respect Mahavalata, you are saying what Raya says, a contradiction, he says the Tamal rasika Narayana club is madness and bogus, then the very next moment he -- promotes the leader of the very same NM rasika madness club? You people are arguing with -- your own shadows.

MadhavaLata Devi Dasi mmmm...I see you take your numbers seriously...ahahahah

PADA some of our people are having dreams of Prabhupada, you said these people who are worshiping him are politicians. The number does not matter, you are attacking the worship of HDG. You said the people who worship HDG are Sai Baba politicians, so that is all we wanted to know.

MadhavaLata Devi Dasi ooohhhh even taking what you are saying seriously...

PADA No I am pointing out what you are saying, you said I am stopping people from worship and having dreams of HDG, I said we have 1,000 doing that, you said who cares if people worship HDG its all politics? So this is YOUR contradiction, you want people to worship HDG, except if they do, they are deluded politicians? This has nothing to do with me, this is what you said.
I am glad you admit that you think worship of Srila Prabhupada is all deluded Sai Baba politics, at least you are honest. Thats progress, I like to know where people really stand.

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