Friday, March 8, 2013

Ayn Rand groupie challenges PADA

Mayesa Das: Your statement above is full of unverified claims ... that even if verifed - were unjustifiable in the first place - so this is not promotion at all.

[PD: Does not mention what program you are promoting?]

MD: Your promotion is that SP was the last guru.

[PD: I never, ever, ever, ever said that. I said the next guru has to be qualified. Show me where I said he was the last guru and I will give you $1,000. You can't. It does not exist.]

MD: And that that is what he set up.

[PD: I never, ever, never ever, ever said that he was the last guru. He said he might name a guru "when the training is complete," all I am saying is, the training is not complete, that's all. Time has shown my statement to be pretty much accurate, these gurus have had all kinds of troubles. Even Narayana Maharaja eventually surrendered to our idea and he began to say, they are less than kanisthas, albeit it took him 15 years to catch up to us.]

MD: I disagree with this.

[PD: Well then you are officially arguing with your own shadow because I never said he was the last guru. I said that if there is a guru he has to be qualified, and the 11 are not qualified. And the people voted in by the 11 are now having a big argument over whether or not they should vote in another wave of gurus, this time a huge batch of female gurus, because they did not understand that the guru is not voted in, male or female, because we are not the Vatican. Guru voting is not our system, its the Vatican's.]

MD: All the other is just rattling of sabres.

[PD: That means you are rattling sabres at -- yourself?]

MD: The main point is only important point.

[PD: And this means you never even read my materials to find out what I said about this point, you made a straw man argument out of nothingness.]

MD: Just now Jagadananda has written me that Ayn Rand accepted government funds. Well Ayn Rand wrote a book tha sold 25 million copies in 2 years and sold half a million every year since - so I doubt she collected funds unless it was automatic social securtiy check - I have no idea.

[PD: Yes, some of your prominent Republican friends are reading and promoting Ayn Rand. And she wrote that if she saw Jesus, she would throw rocks at him. She is an atheist who also says, abortions are required to get rid of the lower class people. Why are you Republicans promoting atheists, who hate Jesus, and love abortions, and the big Republican leaders are reading her books and ordering others to read? Rand Paul is named after her?]

MD: I suspect he is taking the word of some propagandist-and then using it to say "Look-all conservatives are hypocrites."

[PD: Well she hates Jesus, she is for abortions, so yes, you are promoting people who hate Jesus, while saying you love him, that is hypocrisy. What else is it?]

MD: I do not know why liberalism is taken by you and he as apolitical but conservatism is taken as political. We are very conservative - no meat eating, no intoxication, no gambling and no illicit sex.

[PD: But you are admitting your program promotes an avowed atheist writer here?]

MD: What I advocate is a revamping of the whole system. Teach bhagavad-gita in schools. More people raising food and protecting cows-less manufacturing jobs-which only leads to unemployment. Bith the political side and spiritual side must be alive and thriving to push forward Chaitanya Mahaprabhu's mission.

[PD: Well that is nice, but your Republican agenda is full of defects because it promotes this Ayn Rand agenda and many other devious persons. We do not promote these deviants, is that is why you are against us? pd]


Religious people have a psychological weakness, they cannot accept reality.

Faith is the worse curse of mankind, as the exact antithesis and enemy of thought.

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