Wednesday, March 13, 2013

"Lumping in" all the GBC gurus?

PADA: Ok, all we are saying is that the current leaders, like for example Gopal Krishna, Romapada, Hari Sauri, Radhanath, Devarmrita, Ravindra, Satsvarupa etc., they were all henchmen and cheer leaders of the Kirtanananda, Bhavananda etc. mass molesting regime, and they ALL VOCIFEROUSLY supported the child molester empire at the time when we protested it. 

Hari Sauri told me I was an offender for even mentioning this issue. Paul Howard was booted out when he tried to talk to Radhanatha about this issue, etc. 

Not only that, Radhanatha said, whoever killed Sulochana did good service to Krishna, so they were beating and killing us for protesting the mass children molesting. And these same folks are still worshiped now as gurus. And apparently, you think these people are gurus, if I am not mistaken? Correct me if I am wrong, but aren't all of these Kirtanananda lover's club people the current gurus of ISKCON? 

And aren't these the same people who shouted me down when I said there was a mass molesting problem, and orchestrated having me chased with baseball bats and so on? And since Prabhupada says gurus having sex with a disciple are the same as a father child molesting his own daughter, does that not mean that most of the post-1977 gurus in your guru program are child molesters? 

And isn't Ravindra travelling with a young woman now, and she is his disciple, and all of the other GBC are making this guy the head of so many departments because, they still promote this guru / child / disciple abuser program? You have never told me you are against these people. If you are, I'd like to know about it and I would apologize for making a mistake. ys pd 

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