Friday, February 1, 2013

Prabhupada-ites attacked, others are not?

****** dasa: Just to interject a related observation: ISKCON is more hostile towards breakaway internal sects whose philosophy is 95%-100% the same as it's own, than it is to external groups with more significant philosophical differences.

PD: Hah hah, very astute. Yes, interfaith priests, abortion doctors, butchers, strippers, gangsters, hamburger eaters, Satan worshippers, Hell's Angels, punk rockers, they are all welcomed with open arms over there in our God brothers camps. Whereas we "dissenters" are often as not: barred, banned, shunned, harassed, driven out, beaten with shoes, villified, personality attacked, computers hacked, if not threatened and so on and so forth. Seems a little hypo-critical, or is it not? Good on ya ****** das, this is correct. ys pd

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  1. Iskcon: a prototype of the Catholic Church in the making. My humble obeisances to all.


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