Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Mayapura TVOP Planetarium project

PADA: My sources say that most ISKCON temples in India are not very interested in financing the project, and some of the big donors are not in favor of funding it either. Basically Al Ford has been funding for the most part, but he cannot do the whole thing. Its going to be hard to get others to take up the slack. Add to that, many folks are upset that the GBC has spent a vast fortune suing Bangalore temple and so far, they have not won a single brick for all the expense since 1997. My friends are saying, its like spending money on going to the moon, only to have a few rocks as the prize. At the same time, others are saying, the huge expense of all these frivilous lawsuits is why the TVOP program has not been going forward, all the money is going to sue other people and pay for courts and lawyers and not for the TVOP. Its going to take a lot more than what they are doing now to get this program off the ground. ys pd

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