Wednesday, February 20, 2013

BVKS disciple in ISKCON Baroda scandal?

Iskcon Baroda in Gujarat state of India is situated on a large plot of land in the centre of the city at Gotri road. The deities are beautiful, Sri Sri Radha shyam sunder, Sri Sri Nitai Gour and Sri Jagannath , baladev and subhadra maa.

Such a nice devotional atmosphere and the beautiful temple has one major Problem, the vice president Nityananda ram das (formerly a truck cleaner from uttar Pradesh, now called Swami Nityananda by
some people) uses the choicest filthy abuses on everyone around the temple and is the real boss behind the scenes.

The temple President (only for the name) is HG Basu Ghosh Prabhu, has no control over this so called devotee who is his deputy officially. This Nityanananda Ram dasa has spoiled the lives of so many girls who
visit the temple by involving them in illicit sexual affairs with him and his friends.

Everyone in and around the temple know about it but they don’t care, since he is the main collector of funds for the enjoyment of the authorities of the temple.

Recently on February 17th,Sunday,2013 in the evening as the Sunday programme devotees arrived at the temple and there were lot of people also who came for the programme, a devotee of the temple named VIJAY KRISHNA DAS was attacked by people armed with sticks and he was badly injured and rushed to hospital for treatment.

The newspapers in Baroda printed this news the next day. The reliable sources from the temple suspect that Nityanand ram das ordered this beating of vijay Krishna das due to the the pressure that he got from the congregation, to leave the temple due to his bad behavior, which causes lack of confidence among the devotees, to visit the temple without fear of being harassed by him.

Ever ything has a time limit,patience has also a limit. Save Iskcon Baroda, Kick out Nityananda Ram das.

The background :

Many many times the people who visit the temple complined against the behaviour of Nityananda Ram das to his guru HH Bhakti Vikasa Swami and to the temple president HG Basu Ghosh Das. the matter was also conveyed to HG Yasomatinandan das, who is the leader for Iskcon Gujarat.

1. One time, the students who come every evening to the temple and do seva saw Nityananda rama das in a compromising position with a girl in the guest house and they called the head pujari and showed him the
situation, and it was hushed up.

2. Everyone who comes to the temple knows that NRDAS and his friends trap and sexually exploit girls who visit the temple.

3. After all this, NRDAS is officially a brahma chari.

4. The trigger for the trouble on feb 17th 2013 was that one devotee damodar chaitanya das was banned to enter the temple by NRDAS and he wanted to come in and outsiders armed with sticks were employed to
beat up congregation devotees.


The latest news is that HG Jasomatinandan prabhu has asked the devotee victim to withdraw the legal case filed against the temple/NRdas.

It is very unfortunate that ISKCON today promotes everything that goes against dharma and does not implement the basic rules needed to run an institution at least like human beings, even animals are better, they go by their system of life only.

Srikanta sena dasa
Former Dy head pujari
Iskcon baroda


  1. It is the nature of kali yuga religions to promote sexual deviants. the leaders of these bogus groups themselves are of a similar inclination.
    This is the norm,whereas the pure teachings of our Srila Prabhupada in the diciplic line are so easily tossed aside.

  2. Tell me about Dr.Damodar chaitanya Das..i mean why he was banned to enter the temple? i have read in a news paper that he was accused of something illegal & that's why banned...tell me the truth....i have meet him (Dr. Damodar Chaitanya Das)..& i can say that he is a true sanyasi or a perfect devotee...he can't be bad..he is a pure spritual person i have ever meet...feeling extremely bad...very bad news..
    Hare krishna

  3. ISKCON is known for its preaching and to deliver krishna prem to the devotees. Peoples visiting ISKCON temple to get blessings of vaishnavas and to serve them as well as learn vaidik lessons from them. Prabhu pada made this centers to give krishna kripa, so I believe no one should be banned to visit any temple. This is the big question on ISKCON culture and to protact the faith of the peoples, ISKCON GBC should take action.

    Hare krishna

  4. pls Basughosa something about it!!!!!!!!


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