Sunday, January 7, 2018

Who will be the next Mormon Prophet? (satire)

[PADA: Yep, this guy is writing a satire on the issue. Yet the Mormons are apparently in the process of selecting their next prophet. We wish them well, but for us conditioned beings to be selecting the next prophet does not always end well. That is because its generally (always!) the job of God to select His  prophets. 

And when us conditioned beings try to take up that task, there is plenty of room for error. 

This writer alludes to this point herein, maybe God will select someone else to be the prophet, and that prophet might not be the same person the council selects. That means: God has the actual exclusive authority to select / empower His own prophets -- and no one else. Correct! Just look at the line of bogus folks the ISKCON GBC "selects" to be their "God's successors" prophets, quite often -- debauchees and deviants. Hmmm, maybe its better to leave this job to the higher authority. 

Mind you, the Mormons we see are very nice people and they have a loving and caring society which looks after the vulnerable members and so on, and we could learn a lot from them how to make a functioning social infrastructure. However, when it comes to selecting the prophet, we all might do better to leave that to a higher source. 

ys pd]   

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