Monday, January 1, 2018

Prayers for H.G. Venugopal dasa (ACBSP)

Prayers for H.G. Venugopal dasa (ACBSP) 

Sriman Venugopal das recently sent the following message to Kurma dasa: "I feel the time is nearing. To all my friends and loved ones, please do not lament. Be happy under Prabhupada's shelter. Take the Holy Name with full faith and attention. Care for each other and try to serve the Vaisnavas in any way you can. Oh....and I have no intention of stopping off in heaven. My Home is elsewhere." 

Venugopal prabhu's wife, Nikunja Seva devi, has also informed the devotees: 

"He has a few weeks at the most. He has an aggressive type of Cancer. Had Colon surgery on 2nd Nov but cancer was already in his Liver & Lymph nodes. Chemo was not an option as it was not going to solve the problem. Since then, the tumours have grown rapidly. 

He is pretty yellow. There was talk of seeing if there was a blocked duct in the liver and perhaps putting a stent which would have alleviated his jaundice but the scans last night showed that it was pretty futile to try anything. He is in great consciousness - cutting jokes and counselling grief stricken devotees. 

He is pretty weak. He has lost at least 15 kgs recently but his focus and attention on what he needs to do is steadfast and strong. We have been overwhelmed with the love and support from our devotee family all over the world. Prayers are his main medicine so your heartfelt prayers would be most appreciated. With respect and thanks.  

Nikunja Seva dd

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