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Narayana Maharaja Folks vs PADA (update)

PADA: How did you expect us to "take the GBC gurus out", when people like Naryana Maharaja are pushing them into the seats of guru, enabling their program? Our associates were assassinated for complaining about NM / GBC gurus ...

GJ: Listen prabhu don't really have time to argue because you will go on and on like a groundhog day.

PP: You were not allowed to see Narayana Maharaja after being invited to his ashram? It would have been Brajanath who left you sitting if that even happened, but Brajanath wouldn't allow so many people in. He stopped even the female disciples even from getting in. All Brajanath's doing. All classic misquoting of Puranjana: Why did NM say they are gurus if they are not pure? Worse, he said they are monkeys, and 11 of these monkeys are gurus?" 

PADA's style is to take loose facts and switch them around. It was Srila Prabhupada himself who called all of his disciples monkeys, as they were. 

[PADA: And these monkey are NM's rasika classes gurus?]

PP: He said it in Bengali to SNM at his death bed so to speak, and asked NM to look after them since obviously they are in the very beginning stages and will have no higher authority to guide them once he leaves and its become quite apparent what these neophyte disciples will do without a strong hand over them. 

PADA: No, this had nothing to do with Brajnath. Jadurani and NM personally met me on Venice beach and they both wanted me to come and speak with maharaja. Jadurani was shuttling back and forth all day long trying to get the meeting going. And at the end she was in tears when she had to report he had left the premises. I had introduced the poison investigation at that time and NM was one of my worst critics. I had hoped he was going to ask me about the issue since he was publicly attacking me for brining it forward. There were also many other issues that needed to be resolved, he basically shunned me the whole day.

Agreed, Srila Prabhupada said they are all monkeys, so why did NM say 11 of them are gurus, and he became a huge defender of Tamal, and NM was in Dallas and many places with Tamal, and he was supporting Tamal? And he said Tamal is a guru and we should not challenge that? What kind of help is it to say that 11 monkeys are going to be the gurus of the society?

PP: NM didn't want to emphasise the poison issue as its not correct that such a personality can be poisoned, thats not to say he didn't believe it did not happen and I cant speak for him, but hes free to meet with whomever he wants or not meet. 

[PADA: OK but why invite someone over to meet, if you have no intention of meeting? What kind of etiquette is that? Even the karmis know if you invite someone over you have to meet them, its common courtesy. Evidently NM is unaware of Vaishnava etiquette, or even ordinary mundane etiquette.] 

PP: Do you think any of my God brothers would ever meet with me in their big positions and that's on the same level just as a pathetic example. Point is you cant force even other people to behave how you want them too. You should team up with that other complainer about SNM Gaura Das.

[PADA: OK so your Narayan Maharaja leaders and God brothers are shunning you, that means they are also in a bubble and are not communicating with the citizens of the society they rule.] 

PP: NM never said they were Gurus. Show me that quote.

[PADA: I am a disciple of the person who complained of being poisoned. Its none of NM's business to interfere with me investigating this matter, and to demonize me over this could have got me killed. He said that Tamal is the "dear Tamal tree of Radha" and so many things, this is all on their own NM sites. NM was favorably associated with the GBC guru clique all along from 1978 until at least 1993 (see photo above), and he was a well known major cheer leader of their process and he was a major critic of those of us who challenged their process. And NM supported Satsvarupa's "Guru Reform" and he helped write the "Guru Reform Notebook." And ever since then their followers like Rocana / Torben / Ajit Krishna / Hanuman Croatia think gurus are people who need censure, correcting, suspending, voting in / voting out, and so many other mundane regulations under the guidance of their contrived guru monitoring committee.]

PP: He didn't interfere with you .. he talked about the issue sometimes in classes in Mathura, why? To correct this idea that a pure devotee can be poisoned by the disciples. Do you get what I mean? This is the crux of much arguments as its a fine point. So I ask you can a pure devotee be forced from his body by his demonic disciples? or do they choose to leave at that point?

[PADA: Narayan Maharaja was my worst critic and interfering person at the time? He was publicly saying that this is nonsense ... which could have got me killed. This has nothing to do with me or my statements, I had the tape of what Srila Prabhupada had said and he was not even interested in hearing it. To say that Jesus was not crucified due to malfeasance among his disciples is ignorance, plain and simple. NM was not even interested in hearing the evidence or listening to what Srila Prabhupada had said. He was defending the GBC's gurus and the poisoner party, as he had all along.]

PP: Well none of SNM were interested in killing you ... you got your own bat sh*t crazy American God brothers to point that finger at.

PADA: So now you are saying the gurus that NM supported are monkeys, bat sh*t fools, and crazy people? So why is NM aiding in annointing his bat sh*t crazy friends as the guru successors to Krishna? And why is he giving rasika classes to the bat sh*t crazy folks? 

And if these people will kill others, why is he enabling, supporting, promoting and assisting the people from this group? He knows they are orchestrating killing vaishnavas, and he props them up and thinks they are his "dear Tamal tree" rasika students? You simply confirmed what I said, he was promoting dangerous people as his idea of leaders and gurus, and its foolish to say he did not know these people were being worshiped as gurus, this was well known to everyone and still is well known. 

Worse, the GBC folks were using NM's counter-poison arguments against me, they were citing him, that I am a rascal, he was supporting them clearly. So he was purposefully pouring gas on me hoping the GBC would finish off the job -- apparently? Anyway he did not even want to hear the tape, he did not want to hear our side of the issue ... and why are you saying NM supporting the bat sh*t crazy people's guru sabha was "helping ISKCON"? Aiding making the bat sh*t crazy into acharyas is going to help the criminals and their crimes, and not help anyone else.

PP: Bat sh*t crazy Godbrothers ..... and they were also attacking SNM like snakes as soon as he didn't suit their purpose as big Gurus who needed to learn about the more in depth Rasik katha.

[PADA: OK so they are bat sh*t crazy, they are snakes, they are promoting illicit sex acharyas, and the real problem is -- they need more rasika talks? Or don't they need hand cuffs and for us to call the police on their actions? Why do snakes, bat sh*t crazy people who orchestrate murders etc. ... qualify as rasika students?] 

PP: So you avoided my question to u?

[PADA: NM was constantly with the GBC folks, and he was visiting them and so on? He refused to talk to me? Now you are saying the gurus program he was giving rasika classes to are the bat sh*t crazy people. Why is NM giving "rasika classes" to the same people you identify as bat sh*t crazy and monkey folks, who can get people killed? And why is he saying I am a rascal for quoting my guru on the poison issue? That is helping them ... and endangering me because they are quoting him. He did not even care to hear the November 1977 tapes, of which I was the only person who was personally publishing at the time? He left and refused to hear ...]

PP: You're rather included in my description. You Americans are off the wall crazy. Put that in your blog too.

[PADA: OK so you are admitting he was giving rasika classes to bat sh*t crazy monkeys, who kill people, and he was helping them attack the people who bought out the poison issue, which could have got us killed by the bat sh*t crazy people he was helping by attacking me? I am glad you admit, he was making a rasika class program with bat sh*t crazy people who would kill people, and he was pouring gas on me by helping them along with the poison issue, which means, he could have got me killed by assisting them in that way. So now you are saying, opposing poisoners and molesters is off the wall crazy, that is the result of hearing from NM. He was chopping the legs off our protest and he was propping them up. Anyone who says there is a crime going on is crazy, that helps the crimes go on.]

PP: Apologies to all my American brethen. I get carried away with my impression of you. The main problem is the American lust or desire to consume everything and enjoy it, control it and then kill it . I know you are not all like this at all and there are many nice well mannered good morals Americans. The lustful ones who enjoy the opulences of command simply give a bad name

[PADA: Wonderful, so you admit NM was helping the bat sh*t crazy people who kill devotees, by agreeing with them and pouring gas on me. So you admit he was helping those people by giving them arguments to attack me (and the poison issue). This is good progress, so the GBC guru program he was assisting from 1978 - 1993 is not only monkeys they are bat sh*t insane people who murder others. Got it!]

PP: Srila Prabhupada was helping all the bat sh*t crazy americans was he not ?

[PADA: Srila Prabhupada never promoted them after they said that they are gurus? I am glad you admit that NM knew these people were bat sh*t crazy monkeys, therefore he was teaching fools rasika. You also admit that he knew they could kill people, so NM saying I am a rascal to help them means, he was pouring gas on me hoping they would finish the job? He was putting my life in danger by saying it was an offense to forward the poison issue, and you admit, they kill people for these things. Right, all my friends said that at the time, NM is pouring gas on you by defending the GBC on the poison issue, and he is endangering your life thereby. He was the main cheer leading assistant of the bat sh*t crazy acharya sabha ...]

PP: Thus Tims final glorious twist on words piecing them together like a true trained spy.

[PADA: I am quoting you? You said these people are bat sh*t crazy folks ...]

PP: No you are not . You never quote people correctly and thats why you are not a good source for these issues since you are simply a paid troll these days.

[PADA: Quoting you ... "bat sh*t crazy godbrothers ..... and they were also attcking SNM like snakes as soon as he didn't suit their purpose as big Gurus who needed to learn about the more in depth Rasik katha." OK Rasika katha to the -- bat sh*t crazy monkeys? Who kill people?]

PP: I know people like you who work for nefarious agencies have no moral compass and thats your choice or maybe you never had one . Your giving a bad name to your bosses.

[PADA: Wow, so our objecting to NM's supporting Tamal's child molesting guru program is not the moral path? We should have joined NM is promoting this process? You failed to answer the point, he was attacking the poison issue, he invited me over to discuss it, also because he was well known attacking me and the issue in public, but he refused to discuss it. So he wanted to pour gas on me to help the bat sh*t crazies ... who kill people. Most people think NM supporting a child molesting guru program is proof he is the nefarious agency.]

PP: You confess first who employs you?

[PADA: Now you are saying our exposing the molesting and poison issue is some paid up secret agency conspiracy? That is what Tamal said ... that is how you folks get people killed by demonizing them in this way. Of course as soon as we said Srila Prabhupada was complaining of being poisoned, then the Sanat / Mukunda / Prahlad / Dayalu Nitai's HKC Jaipur types said I was "an agent of the illuminati." So they are also trying to kiss the boots of the poison sabha by discrediting anyone who exposes their odious crimes as some sort of "paid agents." Sorry, exposing molesting and poisoning is not something a person generally gets paid to do. Its dangerous work, and NM's and his pal's saying that we are rascals is making it more dangerous.]

PP: So many devotees know you to be in the employ of some Gov agencies and that would have happened at what stage. When you were going to the FBI or were you somehow turned before then?

[PADA: So you cannot answer these points, neither could NM ... Same thing with the child molesting issue, I said there is child molesting, NM said I was an offender to the dear Dallas Tamal tree. So we had to sue them for $400,000,000 in Dallas. They lost. And its ok to give rasika to people who are poisoners and orchestrating mass child molesting? That is your story and you are sticking to it?]

PP: All the same old talking points for years and years posted or spammed on any board you can notice. Do you have some sort of tech algorithm that alerts you to key words.

[PADA: Poison complaints and child molesting are some tech algorithm? Poison is some math problem? Amazing, the pure devotee says he is being poisoned and the NM folks think that is some math equation! No feelings, no mercy, no understanding of the severity of the issue. And now a devotee from Hawaii says the old Prabhupada disciples there are getting their kids to worship NM. We need to worship the number one hand maiden enabler of the molester and poisoner sabha, the biggest cheer leader of the bat sh*t crazy messiahs project? ys pd] 

NM's bat sh*t crazy acharyas


Correct prabhu, NM is also harming neophytes by saying they can be diksha gurus --

Srila Prabhupada said that if we neophytes would become diksha gurus, we would be taking sins and that would make us get sick, fall down or both. Many of them died prematurely too. So when the disciples of Bhakti Tirtha swami sent me a notice to pray for their guru because he has taken too many of our sins, I said, he was specifically told not to take sins? Why should we pray to save people who violate the orders of their acharya? We should rob a bank, then pray to be saved from the police? Why would God answer such a prayer? ys pd

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