Sunday, January 7, 2018

GBC invades -- Latvia?

PADA: Right, after 1977 the ISKCON GBC began promoting their idea that the path to God is to worship their illicit sex acharyas. That was gradually rejected wholesale and as such, they have essentially burned out their North American market, European market, and other important world markets. More and more people in various areas have been rejecting their program of worship of bogus messiahs aka sexual predators, drunkards, vodka drinkers, pot smokers, pedophiles, sex with taxi driver gurus and so on. 

But the last thing they want to do it change their product? 

In fact they even buried one of their favorite pedophile messiahs in Vrndavana. So now, they have to go to places where people are not so much aware of their history, like Ukraine, Russia, Latvia, and one guru told my friend he sticks with a teeny country in the third world so he will not be "embroiled in the controversy." Ok he is on the run from their history. 

Really, there is no controversy here, worship of illicit sex gurus, acharyas, messiahs and "members of a chain of gurus going to God" is a deviation. The people in Latvia simply do not know what snake oil the GBC is selling them over there. Anyway this is great, the circle of places they can go and fool people is getting smaller and smaller, hee hee! ys pd   

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