Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Jayapataka's Immortality plan

Wanted to take karma against orders of Prabhupada

DD: Gauranga? He used to be like a big director in Mayapur, and everyone liked him but more and more the local Bengalis are running things now, so most of the Westerners are being siphoned off and sidelined from positions of authority .... nothing new really. Actually there's much more chanting of Hare Krishna going on around Mayapura even at these Sunday markets. Mostly its Russian Westerners here, not many others.


PADA: A PADA friend recently coming back from Mayapura says that Jayapataka is getting "very paranoid" of Westerners these days. So he is trying to fill most of the prominent Mayapura positions with his "loyal Bengalis" (on salary?) before he departs, especially those who also have a solid link to the local police and government there. Right, most of the Westerners are not EVER going to worship the dead carcass of JPS, a founder father of the molester messiahs project, just like they are not flocking to worship the dead carcass' of Tamal, Kirtanananda, Jayatirtha or even Gaura Govinda maharaja. 

JPS is correct, at least on the count: The Westerners as a rule are not really interested in worshiping these fraudulent folks, dead or alive. So he desperately wants to establish his eternal samadhi project in Mayapura now, thinking that he will somehow live on forever in Mayapura by dint of having his carcass buried there. Ooops, shastra says -- once the soul is separated at the time of death from these JPS program type folks -- that orchestrates devotees being banned, beaten, molested and assassinated, those souls are escorted to the stone rollers on Yamaraja's planet, where they are crushed repeatedly without mercy. Their dead and gone body's location has nothing to do with their soul's future location. 

I will live forever in my eternal statue

Meanwhile! The Bengalis who write to me with questions from time to time, seem to be almost clueless about the actual history of the GBC's gurus and their criminal organization. Hence their questions seem to be almost kindergarten level, about a hundred years behind in their history information. Then again JPS complained that a number of his Bengali disciples cannot even read nor write. Yep! Its much easier to take advantage of illiterate village folks in Bengal than educated Westerners, no kidding! 

So it seems JPS is capitalizing on exploiting people who are not really up to speed on the real story of the GBC's guru process. Isn't that what crooks do: exploit ignorance; exploit the weaker, the less educated, the helpless. Is this not like the criminals who were arrested here for "phone scamming" some less aware elderly people -- by trying to steal their pensions on some bogus business loan deals? Preying on the less literate, the non-internet savvy, the weak and innocent? Is this something to be proud of? Unfortunately, scamming the ignorant means one has to later on take birth as an ignorant person and to be scammed oneself. 

Meanwhile, Bhakti Vikas swami is doing about the same thing, he is another person who hangs out in a semi-remote place like Salem India, far away from places where the more sophisticated / literate people are more aware of the GBC's history.  

Bhakti Vikas swami is the sannyasa disciple of Jayapataka, and he says he is the dog of Srila Prabhupada. Yet! Bhakti Vikas swami has people worshiping his illicit sex with men, women and children acharya's process, which Sulochana concluded is -- less -- than dog behavior. So BVKS is yet another person who apparently has to hide out in remote places in India where he can prey on the less literate and un-informed people, and where he can promote his worship of illicit sex with men, women and children guru parampara to a small group of more ignorant folks. 

Worship of: illicit sex gurus, Vodka drinking acharyas, offering LSD to the deity, porno swamis, sex with taxi drivers messiahs and so forth, its not going to be accepted widely by the mass of people, ever. Thus! These people are going to more remote places where there are more or less ignorant people who do not know the history of their illicit sex "chain of gurus from God." Once GBC guru says he purposefully hangs out in a remote place because "the screaming devotee mob wants to take down the GBC." Heh heh heh!

Yep, of course after Sulochana said their guru parampara is worse "acar" than dogs -- because at least dogs do not have illicit sex with men, women and children, dogs have a lot more dignity, then he was assassinated by the BVKS guru parampara folks? Someone asked me recently, why is Hanuman Croatia (lasting impressions web site) still supporting BVKS? Maybe he thinks their less than dogs acharya program can be revived? Sorry, it won't be revived, its going down.    

More advanced than some Jayapataka program's acharyas?

Anyway! Apparently, the Mayapura Westerners are being "phased out more and more," so the Bengalis will continue to worship the molester messiah's project guys in samadhis over there forever, at least that is the plan. So its corrupt over there, for sure. And my friend says that if anyone is found to get out of line, and go against the JPS regime, the local cops will reign that person in (same in Vrndavana). 

So it appears all about money and corruption over there, and was even at the time of Srila Sarasvati Thakura, people were trying to bribe the authorities to come after him. The good news is, they are boxed into certain areas where they can prey on a few ignorant people, but the mass of people worldwide are getting wise to their whole illicit sex acharya's scheme, which is also why our blog is getting way more hits this year than last, people are being educated gradually. The mundane police will not be able to save these guys from an educated mass of devotees, nor from the police of Yamaraja. Did we forget to mention, JPS voice is heard on the poison tapes? Sheesh, this guy has no clue what his future is going to be, he has no faith in shastra. ys pd

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