Friday, December 2, 2016

Why doesn't ISKCON fund Its devotees in need?

[PADA: OK this poor child has a serious medical problem, but the GBC is self-evidently not helping her family solve that problem. Why not? Why do only the elite few gurus get unlimited medical expense help, and others, ok not so much?

One ex-gurukuli told me, its like North Korea, Kim Jong Un lives like a Heavenly Demigod, others, they may have to eat dirt? Meanwhile, the GBC is spending allegedly $20,000,000 suing the ritviks, so they can buy new Mercedes for their lawyers. Why is there always a spare millions on hand for suing people, but not much to help the citizens?

And why haven't the GBC's / mamagers helped this child a long time ago since its been an ongoing problem for some time now? ys pd]   

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