Saturday, December 31, 2016

Bhajahari Murphy In ICU Hospital

Please pray for our dear God brother Bhajahari Murphy in a coma in hospital due to heart problems. On this New Years Eve pray for him, may tonight's Harinam in London pray for him.please Share with all friends and Devotees. Hare Krishna!

[PADA: We have not had this situation detailed or verified, its all we got so far.]


Hey everyone. It's been a really bad day today.. Unfortunately my Dad Bhajahari Murphy has suffered a severe cardiac arrest at around 12.30pm today. They have done an emergency operation and he is now currently in an induced coma in intensive care. They are going to wake him up tomorrow around 1pm to see how he is. I have just got back from the hospital but will be going back when they wake him up..

Please pray for my pops, I really don't want to lose him :(

Stay strong Dad xxx

Hare Krishna same information from his son Mikey, Hi everyone. At the hospital now. They were planning to wake my dad up around 1pm but they have decided to wait until tonight or tomorrow now. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers. Thank to all of you for your good wishes and support xx

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  1. Mikey Murphy

    Latest news about my Dad. The doctor has said that his heart is damaged and is only working at a third of what it should be. As for his brain it is still too early to say. He is on lighter sedation medicine and he has been squeezing mine and my mums hand when we have talked to him.

    The doctor also said that if his condition does not improve in the next few days then we have a very very tough decision to make. Please keep all your prayers and thoughts coming. I know it's working!

    Thanks to everyone who has left well wishes on my posts. I can't thank all of you personally but please know I really appreciate all of them..
    Much love xxx


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