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About Initiations and Cooperation

PADA: At the present time we do not need to stress so much on formal initiations, because its an emergency situation, and some people are scared that the initiations program is being used to control and manipulate others (even in some forms of the so-called ritvik camp). In many USA ISKCON temples there are not enough people to serve the deity, because there are not enough initiated people, and we have that problem too. 

So the official ISKCON programs overall are dysfunctional and deteriorating especially in the West, and the deity programs are suffering badly. Jayapataka tried to save the day and he sent in some Bengalis in certain temples to do the pooja, but some of his men were not very interested in actual devotional activity and they left as soon as they got their immigration green card, and some of them were having problems by associating with women etc. This just happened recently, where a JPS temple cook got his green card and he quit the temple and he went to work at a karmi's restaurant. 

So if we can get some serious persons to do the service, we may not be able to formally initiate this person at the present time because we are just starting to get off the ground and we have little formal programs organized. At the beginning of ISKCON we had all sorts of people doing services without being initiated, because we were in a sort of new born baby state -- as we are now -- by our just re-starting things at present, so we cannot make initiations mandatory when we have not got this process managed on a larger scale and we are not very organized as a whole. 

As long as people are trained to do the proper pooja and offer things with the proper prayers and so on, they are acting as brahmana de facto, formal initiated or not. We should thus train people first of all and make web sites which show people how to do all the programs, deity pooja, kirtanas etc and I am working on that now with some Bangalore folks, but if others want to help lets do it. 

Make videos of how to do poojas, kirtananas and so on, we will post that. Everyone can do this without the formal initiation at the present time, because a lot of people are not even going to any formal temples now, we need a grass roots small temples and home programs system first of all. 

As for cooperation with the IRM and others, yes, we should do that. However Krishna Kanta told me not to sue the GBC for the original books because "then I would be working with Hansadutta." Well we needed Hansadutta because the case required some original trustees, and without that we would have had no case. We won the case and started printing original books, and yet KK still holds a grudge against us for doing that. Apparently, he does not want us to have the legal rights to print books? Why does he want the Jayadvaita book to have the only legal rights? 

And then Krishna Kanta stirred up his groupies like Sanat / Mukunda / Prahlad / HKC Jaipur folks to attack us, they also think there is no need for Srila Prabhupada to have any legal rights to his original books. In fact these guys all said we need to get PADA off the internet, self-apparently, they only want Jayadvaita to have the legal rights to these books. They all want us to go away, which is what Tamal said needs to be done. Why are they repeating exactly what Tamal says? Worse, they have no plan to get legal rights for original books themselves. Whose side are they on here?

So, as soon as we say, Srila Prabhupada wanted original books, these guys all ganged up to stop us and try to have us driven off the whole landscape, which is of course what Tamal wanted all along. They never answer the first question: Why do they want to have Jayadvaita be in charge of the books and not Srila Prabhupada? So this is a problem, as soon as we say Srila Prabhupada wanted original books, these guys all attack us. Why? 

None of them never did anything to get these rights. And they never will, which is of course why some people think they are secretly having sympathy for the GBC's cause? Why do they always attack the people who made the original cause celebre for legal rights to get the original books program going? 

Then Krishna Kanta held an IRM meeting around 1999 saying he is "going to war with PADA over the poison issue." And worse, he and Adridharana then wrote an article for the GBC's book made by Tamal. How did you guess, KK got his band of Sanat / Mukunda / Prahlad / HKC folks to say "PADA is a liar" -- just at the exact time we launched the case. So they are always trying to discredit these issues, again, which is what Tamal always wanted them to do. They claim to be working for Srila Prabhupada while acting as Tamal's biggest sock puppets. 

I am saying Srila Prabhupada is complaining of being poisoned, they are saying we are all nonsense, thus -- it is bogus for us to adress all this. If the people addressing this are bogus, then the whole issue is bogus, so they are actually attacking Srila Prabhupada, not me? Why are they attacking Srila Prabhupada's statements and joining with the GBC to write articles for Tamal's book? 

Then Krishna Kanta said he was going to war with me because I was addressing the child molesting and so on, and he said I was using bad language on this issue. How did you guess, his groupies Sanat / Mukunda / Prahlad / HKC folks all said that is right, they all wanted the molesting and suicides process to continue. We should NOT have this process stopped as we did, which is again, what Tamal wanted? Why do they say it is wrong to stop Srila Prabhupada's children from being molested? And yep, they had no plan to stop this themselves, and neither did the GBC.  

Its pretty evident there is some very deep attachments for the GBC going on here. Krishna Kanta did say he wanted to help the GBC send me to the Carribean for "a very long extended vacation" so he could "negotiate a deal" with Jayapataka. Swell, me going there means, I'd be a better target for assassination in a foriegn place. KK has no idea what the GBC would do to me if they thought they'd get away with it. All of my friends said, this is a plot to get you off shore so they can assassinate you, so this is either very naive or -- KK is with them? Or what?  

So this is the problem, Krishna Kanta never consults with me, he says he is going to war with me, and he never has any discussion or istagosthi with us, ever. He never writes to us, or communicates about anything, instead he writes bad things about us on his site and attacks all the other parties. 

So if he wanted unity, he would not be telling people he is going to war with the other parties. and make all sorts of propaganda against us. He also has the idea that children are better off watching Bugs Bunny, because he said our Krishna children's video was a bad idea, this is simply another example of how he has no clue how to help the overall program. 

He more or less says -- the millions of children who are watching our Krishna children video -- would have been better to watch Bugs Bunny? Yep, the Sanat / Mukunda / Prahlad / HKC Jaipur all joined in, they too wanted children to watch Bugs Bunny rather than Krishna. 

Worse, he says we cannot have any formal initiations until we get the GBC to do that. He has no practical idea how to manage these things. At least some formal initiations are going on, and we should encourage re-building this where its possible. ys pd

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  1. Well we did not start the separatist program? Krishna Kanta started all this when said we should not make the BBTI lawsuit, and he complained out in public that we were working with Hansadutta to get this lawsuit done. We have subsequently printed many hundreds of thousands original books since then, while he has printed zero because he does not have the license.

    Why does he not want us to get this done?

    Then he complained in public that we were suing the GBC and thus stopping the child molesting and suicides of victims, and he said that means we will not have buildings because this will be a big expense. We need to keep molesting and suicides going on to save a building?

    Then he complained in public that we were addressing the poison complaint, and he writes that in public and worse, he writes an article which was published by Tamal.

    Then HKC Jaipur joined with all this, and worse, they sent me links to listen to Bhakta das and read from Hari Sauri to get my facts straight. I need to listen to cheer leaders of the molester guru program to get my facts straight?

    No one wants to hear from these sources, because they are the people who support the GBC. So this is automatic separate from us, we want all these issues to be addressed and if they want to drag their feet, then we have to move ahead without them.

    And we are, our blog is getting thousands of hits from all over the world every day, some foreign countries are giving us 1,500 hits per day just from one area, we need to move ahead and these are the issues that need to be addressed. ys pd


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