Saturday, December 10, 2016

About the Bhakti Lata Beeja vs Other Beejas

PADA: Right, a particular guru and parampara gives a particular beeja. 

A pure devotee for example gives the pure bhakti lata beeja, and then a person can develop pure love of God from that beeja. As Srila Prabhupada often explains, there are many, many other beejas from many other sources, including -- worship of sahajiya gurus, worship of mundane movie stars, worship of businessmen, worship of politicians, worship of mayavadas, and so on. 

And they will give us a particular beeja -- which is impure and is diverted from the pure beeja. And we see this practically in post-1977 ISKCON, one "guru" was busy always buying diamond jewelry -- and so -- most of his disciples became infatuated with buying jewelry, so they got the jewelry buying beeja; One guru was carrying guns, and most of his top disciples then became infatuated with guns, so they got the gun beeja; Some of these GBC gurus were very intoxicated and then their disciples followed that process and they took all sorts of intoxicants; Some of these guru were infatuated with illicit sex, and so their followers had all sorts of sex escapades going on. 

One of these GBC gurus was even watching porno for the past 30 years, who knows what kind of beeja one is getting there. This is why Srila Prabhupada says we need to get the actual pure bhakta lata beeja from an actual pure devotee resident of Krishna loka, or else we will get some other / contaminated beeja which can -- and likely will -- cause of all sorts of problems. 

Then again, even once we get the proper beeja, and it starts to grow, we STILL need to watch out for anartha-like weeds that can choke off the beeja, even if is it bona fide. So this is actually a science, we need to seek out the proper beeja source, then we need to grow it according to an actual certified process, and so on. Overall, one has to take shelter of the pure devotee in the proper parampara, or things will become diluted and hampered. ys pd

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