Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Changed Books Conversation

PJ: Just two days back I requested one devotee located in Delhi, who is originally belong to my current city, to take one Original BG-As-It-Is and to distribute that, surprisingly, he replied me that he has to take permission from his senior ISKCON authorities to take any original books. This is the current scenario, where a kind of new generation thinks that they require permission from ISKCON senior authorities to distribute even one Original BG of Srila Prabhupad who created ISKCON. Big question indeed, I felt the earth under my feet had been slipped.

BM: Srila prabhupada is the BONAFIDE ACHARYA!
He is the saviour of the world!
He is the representative of krsna!
No one can replace him !
Jagat Guru Srila prabhupada ki jai !

KB: Hare Krishna. Please don't be so upset with the decline in ISKCON. It's natural for corrupt institution. Rather it's good that now Krishna has appeared to show the right path to his loving devotees who are gradually seeing this.

GK: Last year I asked my friend to distribute bhagvata geeta together and she replied that she have to take the permission from her class leader (senior devotee of iskcon) first...

PJ: That is wat I asked, not a changed version of BG As It IS, I requested for the ORIGINAL Unchanged Edition of BG-AS-It-Is written by Prabhupada in 1972, which he (devotee located in Delhi) refused. That person was happily distributing changed version, but when requested for Prabhupad's Original Edition, at that time He said he required permission. This is where most of the ISKCON centers are lacking. They are distributing only changed versions, but not the original BG written by Prabhupada.

SR: In Iskcon Chowpaty, Pune and other branches, devotes has to take permission from so-caled authorities in daily hourly basis of time-table which includes how much time to spend in the bathroom, how much time to talk with his wife / husband,what type of job he can do, etc....
*********For new coming devotes they even have to take permission to read any of HDG Srila Prabhupad Books. What to speak about their distributing edited-prabhupada books. Forget about Original prabhupad books...... So they want to control what informations people can hear and read, and they discourage original books right at the start.

PJ: Hare Krishna, PAMHO, discipline in devotees life is required, but it does not mean all ISKCON centers (not all) will stop distributing ORIGINAL Books of Prabhupad who created ISKCON just to sale the changed versions of BBT.

PADA: Right, the leaders changed everything, including, they wanted us to offer bhogha to their 11 conditioned souls princes in 1978. ys pd

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