Saturday, July 26, 2014

Women in India: Staying at Home

[PADA: Many women in India are not getting jobs, they are staying at home (sort of like women in the USA used to do in the 1950s?). They often take care of elder family members, in part because there is no social security plan for the elders in the family. Hence, families are more cohesive than in the West.

PADA editor used to drive a taxi cab around in San Francisco and noticed, many kids would be unsupervised after school. They would be riding to their friends houses after school in our taxi to "party," because both parents were staying at work late. There has been a sort of social break down going on. This was called "absentee parenting" and "unsupervised latchkey kids" etc. at the time.

There is something to be said for staying at home mothers keeping the family unit more solidified. Of course, in places like San Francisco here in the USA, unless both parents are working, there is simply not enough money to afford to live in places like San Francisco. Rent on a small family apartment is starting at maybe $3,000 or more, thus both parents are more or less forced to work -- or they cannot afford a residence at all. Its a vicious cycle. Anyway, mothers at home was once the standard even in the West, its not having a good result to break this unit down. ys pd]      

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