Friday, July 11, 2014

Mayor visits Akshaya Patra

Mayor visits Akshaya Patra Kitchen Mangalore

The honorable mayor of Mangalore City Corporation, Mr. Mahabala Marla visited the Akshaya Patra Mangalore kitchen, that is on 3/07/2014,Thursday, and was very pleased with the operations process, cleanliness, quality and the operation efficiency of the Akshaya Patra Kitchen which cooks mid day meals for 24,000 government school children Mangalore.

After the visit, sharing his experience in Akshaya Patra he said “I was very happy looking at the cleanliness in the Akshaya Patra kitchen. Everyone has to take part in this service towards society. I wish to extend my helping hand in anyway possible towards Akshaya Patra Foundation. And I pray god that Akshaya Patra continues to do so in the future and reach out to many more in the service of the society.

The president of Akshaya Patra His grace Karunya Sagar Dasa escorted the mayor to the kitchen and personally explained Mr. Marla the entire operations process of Akshaya Patra Kitchen. The president of Akshaya Patra was overwhelmed by Mayors visit and promise to support this cause and service towards the society. The operations Manager of Akshaya Patra Mangalore Nandanacharya Dasa was also present on this occasion.

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