Saturday, December 29, 2012

RE: Gaura Hari dasa "ritvik warrior"

PD: Yes prabhu you are right! Gaura Hari das is not stable with any one idea. He keeps going back and forth on the mental speculation platform. One day he is a self-advertised "ritvik warrior against the demon gurus," then the next day he flip-flops and is a pro-guru warrior against the demon ritviks, saying we are "offending Vaishnava parties" ok the bogus gurus. 

Basically, if we wait long enough, he will be shooting his arrows at anyone around him, whether good guys or bad guys, he cannot distinguish one idea / party / camp / process from the other. He wanted us all to be nice to Narayana Maharaja camp, then he complained that NM stole his woman associate away from him, and thus NM was a bogus guru. Then he flip-flopped and started saying we need to be nice to NM again, apparently so more women can get stolen from their mates. 

Then he wanted all of us to be with the Christians awhile back, saying the whole Vaishnava idea is bogus. Of course Vaishnavas from any camp are not going to stop being vegetarians and start eating beef steaks, so that idea fell apart real fast as he was unable to make any converts. His mind is all over the map because, he has no loyalty to anyone. Srila Prabhupada says people who change camps like this are spiritual prostitutes. And as we all know, prostitutes are prone to get incurable diseases from all this changing partners / running around.

The only thing GH does for sure is, he fights with every party eventually, and that is why no one wants him in their party, he is a loose cannon. That means he has no loyalty to any idea, its all sentimentalism. Now GH likes Radhanath, who has buried his best pal, the homosexual molester-pada Kirtanananda, in the sacred holy dham of Vrdnavana, so ignorant people can bow down and worship a molester who has had vaishnavas assassinated. Radhanath has polluted the holy dham worse than any individual on the planet, if GH thinks that is fine, he has no respect for the holy dham. ys pd


  1. ALL GLORIES TO HIS DIVINE GRACE A.C.BHAKTIVEDANTA SWAMI SRILA PRABHUPADA! Prabhus-- On Facebook GAURA HARI dasa was promoting himself as a 'RITVIK WARRIOR FOR PRABHUPADA'so we became Facebook friends.He was always giving class,on various topics like 'how to improve your japa'etc.Later he became a 'WARRIOR FOR RADHANATHA SWAMI'.When I complained,he told me 'things change over time'.Yet we are all followers of SANATAM DHARMA or ETERNAL,UNCHANGING DUTIES TO SRI KRSNA.Now GAURA HARI dasa spends his days and night blocking and unblocking comments from devotees on Facebook.I don't really like this particular expression,but I honestly believe it best describes GAURA HARI dasa-- "He doesn't know his head from his ass."I'm sorry to say this because I actually like him in a way-I mean he is a devotee of some sort after all.But this devotee GAURA HARI dasa is one mixed-up person.We should all pray for him.There is still hope. HARE KRSNA and JAI RADHE!

  2. Gaurahari is totally full of shit. You are right when you say he will attack anyone around him. He's basically just another nutjob, which isn't surprising considering that 90 percent of iskcon devotees are nutjobs.


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