Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Locanananda forgot who "his" disciples are?

Locanananda says they are going to be “his” disciples? Except he has no idea, who is the “his”? His who? Whose is the “him” named to take disciples? HDG SP never names any gurus on May 28th, or at any other time? No mention of the 11 was given on May 28th, and no order for guru was given anywhere, at any time. So yes, when a guru is ordered to be a guru by his own guru, and / or by Krishna, then that guru has his own disciples, but only when he is ordered to take disciples, but notice, there is no order. Srila Prabhupada says when I order (maybe later on), but that is not an order (for now). So no one was ever told they are going to take their own disciples. So this is a mute point, there is no order, anywhere, for anyone to be a guru. We offered a $108,000 reward for any such proof that anyone was ordered, and no one has ever come forward to collect, especially Locanananda types who have never shown any order ever, because, there is no proof anyone was ever ordered to be a guru. As Tamal says, this (order to be guru) is a myth! ys pd

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