Sunday, December 2, 2012

Muktipada quits Sanat (Steve Voith) program


1) Everything I ever said was in direction of Stephen Voith and I was not under my own free will.
2) I am no longer, or ever will be, affiliated with Stephen Voith until he apologizes to me and my family for the psycholical and emotional abuse he was wreaked on my life.
3) I am now my own independent agent and feel closer to Sri Krishna now that I am not working with Stephen Voith anymore.

Not in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would write something like this. I always thought I'd go to hell if I spoke out against Stephen.. Wow. I don’t anymore. WOW.

It feels like such a release. Me thinking he was some type of siksa for me. Ohh God, that was such hell.

I feel closer to Prabhupada now more than ever. I feel bliss writing this. Maybe I am insane, but I plan to call Steve and read this email to him. That would be war. Muktipada VS STEVE. My my the tables have turned. Prabhupada said it would be chaos after he left. Kurt Mausert and Ravindra are probably chuckling about this or thinking what they are going to do about this dude.

It feels good though, I feel like I can finally be myself and express myself and not have to represent another dude. I was always straggling with the community. “Support Stephen Voith”. F**k that. Just support Prabhupada. Cow protection is nice, very nice. And you should all do it, yeah. But… What can be done? I don’t have all the answers, I just know it feels good to be free. I don’t even think I'm going to hell anymore for writing this (against Steve).

This email is unedited. I did not reread it. Just wanted to get it out there. Whatever may come, I just wanted you all to know my honesty. If you have any questions just let me know and I will answer all of them as explicitly as I can. I mean, I don’t see why you would. I am not trying to be a big shot, I swear. I just like to write stuff and chant Hare Krishna. But now I can write freestyle and maybe that will contribute to the movement even more than me being under the tyranny and domination of Mr Voith.

I will not go in detail of all the horrible things that has happened since I took siksa from that dude. But I will say this, NEVER accept anyone. ANYONE. That tells you they have been deputized by Prabhupada to tell you what is what. Take it from Prabhupada, not from anyone else. That person is there to kill your soul. I believe Stephen Voith was severely mistreated by ISKCON and Satsvarupa, and he has learned Satsvarupa’s ways of how to be a narcissistic pig from hell and he is really f--king good at it. That’s my opinion. He needs to wake the fuck up and try to be a good person. He always tried to get a one up on me.

I remember once, Mukunda dasa in England. I sent him a letter telling him I was sorry for some bad shit I said to him. That I wanted to be friends with him again. That it was Steve intimidating me to tell him stuff, which is factual. Anyway, when Steve got wind, ohh my God. He was so pissed. I have no idea how he will react to this. I never meant to be a thorn for this movement but I have to speak for myself and do what I feel is an expression of my soul which is this letter and any following letters coming out. I am ready to talk to all of you about Prabhupada, on any level, as long as you maintain respect to Him. I don’t care if you respect me or not, but if you call my number you better show respect to Prabhupada, or just don’t f--king call me.

Anyway, thank you for reading this. It was a great freedom of expression and thought. Many years I have been bottled up. I've been to a mental hospital because of the sh-t I went through with Steve. My dad came over and hit me with a stick. Steve was like, “I wonder why Krishna hit you with a stick. Oh yeah, its because you were insolent with me because you weren’t talking to some girls and saying things to them that I want you to say to them.” F--k you, Steve. You’re a f--king b-tch. And if Kurt Mausert ever sues my ass, I’ll just say. Your honor, I had a gun pointed to my head the entire time. That is the truth. I'm sorry, Steve. I hope everything works out for the best. There is nothing more I can do for you. Goodbye, and thank you for all you have done for me.

I hope there are some devotees that will want to be my friend now that all that shit is behind me. I like talking about Prabhupada and want to re initiate a relationship with him now that I feel like I can be with him without Steve as an intermediary. Just brothers, equals. Thank you. I want a normal Hare Krishna life. With a family, and friends. Its very difficult for me. I have been diagnosed with bi polar disorder. I have proven to the state that I am in no way able to work unskilled labor. So.. Kurt, if you sue me, I aint got sh-t dude. But whatever, In a sense I am like Steve now. I have NO FEAR. No fear of Puranjana. No fear of… f--king anyone. Kurt, Radhanath, Steve, all ya’ll motherf--kers! PEACE OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Muktipada dasa
Anyway, my number is 1301 385 5077 hit me up sometime. We can go to court or Ill give my address out and you can come kill me. Maybe I can be a martyr and actually go back to Godhead, I sure hope so. Maybe I am paranoid, or maybe I have the right to be. I am just babbling on now. I just wrote this letter to tell you that!


  1. nice letter, thanks for sharing your realizations

  2. i agree with everything you said and ask your forgiveness for my offences. Someone is doiung a show soon on Discovery Channel and wants our input including yours. Its about Sulochana. Stephen Voith

  3. You are right. I was a pig and tried to interfere with your relationship to Prabhupada. I was very anxious to get this message out and i unconsciously offended you in this manner. Please forgive my offences and accept my obeisances! A man called me from Discovery Chaannel. Sulochana's mother has given Sd's tape recorded conv. with devotees from the 1980s. He was surprised that there is a 'parallel' movement and its essence is Cow Protection. I would like to see you get all the credit you deserve for your amazing transcendental editing of these vids. My work was in the toilet until Muktipada Prabhu touched them with his amazing ability which exceeded anything i would have believed possible a few years ago. Now it is something that even mainstream tv has to address. With your help, we apprehended this new plan to comment on Sulochana's life. They can't deny after weatching the vids that you researched, that Radhanatha may be the murderer of Sulochana; the crdiet of this being made believable is as much your effort as mine, and i will always tell everyone how you made me smile by your creative intelligence and ability to take my ideas or thoughts and do better with them than i was even conveying; which proves you were directly getting instruction and guidance from Prabhupada; so i have to beg forgiveness again and again for trying to hold you down and treat you as an inferior or one who needed me to guide you spiritually. It's a razor's edge; i really meant that we have to work the way Prabhupada set things up, cooperatively, not that i am spiritually superior due to age experience etc. Your contributionm is certainly equal and greater than my own, because before you volunteered your help, i was TOTALLY FRUSTRATED in my plans, and inability to make proper use of what i'd already accomplished (it was all just sitting on a shelf, and the vids by themselves didn't enlighten anyone; so your enlightening touch is as valuable as Sulocahan's Guru Business!! Stephen Voith

  4. You are right. Sanat and Prahlad want us to worship Radhanath because they are working with Radhanath's main man Bhakta das. Radhanath NV program also had devotees beaten and killed. Even Sulochana was killed by them, and now Sanat and Prahlad are helping them? Thousands of children were molested, and they want us to support Radhanath again? They worship the persons who make devotees get beat, stabbed and even killed? And now another story how these people are beating and stabbing devotees in the holy dham. So they are mentally beating up devotees like Muktipada, and even physically beating and even killing devotees. No wonder they are againt PADA, you are against devotees being beaten and killed. They are against you because they are with these abusers, because they are abusers. Thanks for exposing all these rascal, they are dangerous to the devotees of God.


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