Friday, December 28, 2012

NM knew devotees were being banned and abused

Mulaprakrit dasi explains that she told NARAYAN MAHARJA (Mathura) that these GBC gurus were banning and mistreating people, and she told him that right at the start in 1978. Shortly after this, NM became the gopi rasika advisor of the "GBC guru sabha" that was doing all the banning, beating, molesting and murdering. Incidently, NM was the person who tried to organize a boycott of Srila Prabhupada in 1971. 

NM after 1978 in fact became Tamal's darling "rasika advisor." So NM knew all the ISKCON rank and file devotees were being -- banned and mistreated, and he knew right from the start, and yet he fully supported these bogus gurus. And NM said those of us who wanted to worship Srila Prabhupada were "ritvik poison" so NM could prop up the molester messiahs program. NM even challenged us later on the the poison issue because he was at the time STAYING WITH TAMAL IN DALLAS. 

Very interesting, NM knew right from the start these gurus were vicious and then he went on to be their biggest cheer leader / defender / rasika advisor / Satsvarupa's ghost writer / Tamal's eternal rasika companion / etc. NM KNEW ALL ALONG HE WAS SUPPORTING A VICIOUS REGIME! Thanks for setting that straight Mula Prakriti dd! ys pd    

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