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When did Narayana Maharaja agree with HDG?

Narayana Maharaja never agreed with Srila Prabhupada? He said the yani kani prayers of Prabhupada are karma kanda, he said it is an offense to have Lord Nrsingha in a Radha Krishna temple, he said it is good to have gurus voted in every year at Mayapura, except gurus are not "voted in" according to Prabhupada, and so on. NM never agreed to major siddhanta points of HDG the whole time. And in 1972 NM was the person asking Gaudiya Math people to boycott Srila Prabhupada. I was there. [Narayana Maharaja wanted the Gaudiya Matha to boycott us in 1972] I describe that here: Why do we want the people who boycott HDG to be part of anything? NM never changed, he was always going against HDG the whole time. ys pd

The GBC were saying all through the 1980s that Narayana Maharaja is the shiksa guru of ISKCON, and NM was all the time lecturing at all the temples being advertised as a pure devotee etc, he was the keynote speaker at all kinds of festivals, he was giving rasika classed to a group of the GBC gurus, and anyone who protested this was banned from ISKCON. The GBC gurus were the people promoting NM as a pure devotee, and anyone who protested was banned. The GBC are the party who introduced NM into ISKCON in the first place. If you are selling Ford cars, you do not invite in the Chevvy car dealers to start selling cars on your lot, this is how you will lose your business and go bankrupted. And all of the GBC gurus who brought in NM, and Fakir Mohan etc. and who knows what else, are still considered as the gurus of ISKCON, never mind they are spawning competition for ISKCON. None of this has been addressed properly. ys pd


PADA: Thats fine prabhu, but we should not be now promoting people like Fakir Mohan, and some of the GBC's gurus are reading the babajis writings, and worse open Mayavadi gurus are being invited to speak in ISKCON temples, and so on, this is the same problem still going on. We need to get away from all these outside influences, and we need to demand the GBC gurus to quit going to these sources or this pattern simply repeats. None of these outside influences were authorized by HDG. Plain and simple.

TP: yes

PADA: That was my point, and so going there is a deviation from his instructions, do not mix with my God brothers, of course some of these Mayavadis are not even God brothers, they are totally separated from Vaishnava teachings. Fakir Mohan has mayavada ideas also

TP: yes

PADA: So the root issue is, the GBC as a group are deviating by creating these out croppings and thereby spawning competition for ISKCON. Which HDG warned would happen. When I was in Mayapura we were told not to visit them, at all.

ISKCON early history pt.3 *MAYAPURA 1972* by
ISKCON history

These God brothers were antagonistic as well as deviating. Please watch this and let me know what you think, ys pd

BV Puiri confirms NM boycott program

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