Thursday, December 13, 2012

Does Supersoul help His devotees?

Thanks prabhu, Right, the Supersoul knew I wanted a copy of the will, so He got it for me in 1985. He knew I wanted a copy of the appointment tape, so He got it for me also in 1985, He also knew I wanted a copy of the 1977 conversations transcripts, so He got them for me in 1990. In the transcripts it said "conversation about poison in Hindi," but there was no transcript. So I prayed, I really need a copy of the tape of this "poison" conversation. And in 1997 my prayer was answered, I got the copy. So I wanted all these things, and they fell into my hands one by one, so you are quite correct: Supersoul certainly provides for the jiva. That is is the correct idea. I have a friend at work, he always wanted a Corvette, and now he has one, so this is always the case, Supersoul provides what we jivas desire. God provides what we desire via the Supersoul. He is there, no question, because there is no other way I would have gained access to all these materials without His divine intervention, never mind I would not be alive without His divine intervention. He is there, and all this has magnified my faith in HDG and Krishna many times over, man proposes, God disposes. That is what HDG says all the time, and he is right. Meanwhile another group is always out there trying to challenge my presentation of HDG's documents, and basically they want to subvert, alter, attack, ban, check, harass, nullify, and totally stop me, and maybe even have me murdered, and in sum take me down, and there is only one reason they have not been able to stop and check me, the Supersoul has, without question, protected me, there is no doubt in my mind that is the case. And so now that we have presented all these "hidden" documents of HDG, it is up to a group of his sincere followers to agree to those documents, and that is occuring as we speak. So that is also the mercy of the Supersoul. ys pd

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