Thursday, March 31, 2011

Shaktiseer prabhu writes (we must forgive vaishnava offenses) ISKCON

I agree, but they are not saying they are kanishta / sadhaka vaishnavas with faults, they are saying they are acharyas without faults. Yes, the kanisthas and priests can fall, and we should forgive that, BUT you seem to forget, as soon as I said they are priests (ritviks) and not gurus, Sridhara and Tripurari said I was totally bogus, they said they are not priests (who can fall), they insisted that the GBC are gurus, and acharyas, and should be worshipped as rati keli, so they think the messiahs are fallen, that is the issue you keep forgetting, we already said the neophytes should be forgiven, you forgot that what they are saying is: that they are gurus not kanisthas, just like Kailasha has forgot the name of his live guru for the past 35 years. ys pd

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