Friday, March 25, 2011

GBC reports document guru failures (ISKCON) ys pd

PADA: OK, apparently Akuranatha cannot keep track of his own statements? (1) He said he backs the current GBC, (2) the current GBC reports say -- over and over and over -- that their gurus have been corrected, monitored, censured and sometimes "rectified" for falling into illicit sex. This is all documented by the GBC. Their own documents say their gurus have resigned, been removed, censured, voted out, excommunicated, and out of the over 230 voted in since 1977, most have fallen away -- often into illicit sex and drugs and false Gaudiya Matha teachings, and all this is WRITTEN BY THEM and contained in the WRITTEN reports that the GBC have written since 1977. These GBC reports contain lists of all kinds of people being voted in as gurus, and there are NOW many missing names of the gurus who were voted in since, as we all know, they mostly BLOOPED. And even though they are voted in every year at Mayapura, the list of gurus gets smaller every year according to their own papers, and when the list of gurus is given, most of those voted in have now blooped. Now Akruranatha says, these GBC reports were not written by the GBC? He says all these reports about their Vishnupada acharyas etc. and in sum "gurus" falling down -- never happened? Where has he been! When is he going to actually read their papers, their papers say, they are making gurus, and their gurus are falling. Its all documented! ys pd

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