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Conversations 3/29/11 (ISKCON)

Srila Prabhupada siddhanta: The bonafide gurus like A.C. Bhaktivedanta, Bhaktisiddhanta, Bhaktivinod, Rupa Gosvami etc are given the title `Prabhupada` How come none of the Iskcon gurus are addressed as `Prabhupad`? Because they are nowhere near bonafide...just cheap imitation of the real thing! All glory to the Ritvit Guru Acarja Srila Prabhupad!

SrilaPrabhupada Siddhanta NANDA KUMAR DAS! For knowledge we have to go to the right person, tattva darsi. Tattva darsi means, 'one who has actually seen or experienced the Absolute Truth. The reason why none of these Iskcon gurus are not addressed as Prabhupada is because they are not tattva darsi. One should not become a spiritual master unless he has attained the platform of uttama adhikari. (Nectar of Instruction, txt 5) Hence the reason Srila Prabhupada set up the Rtvik Guru Acarya System to save us fron being cheated by fourth class Vaisnavas. "This book Nectar of Devotion, if you read regularly and try to understand, this means you are associating with Rupa Gosvami directly. And if you act accordingly, then you are serving their lotus feet" (N.O.D lecture, Oct 20, 1972, Vrndavan)

Similarly, by acting according to Srila Prabhupadas Rtvik order we are serving Him directly."Never think I am absent from you. Physical presence is not essential! Presence by message (hearing) is real touch...we feel always the presence of our past Acaryas simply by their immutable instructions." (Letter to students, August 2nd. 1967, Vrndavan)

Jack Prasad ‎....BG.4.2...'evam parampara-praptam imam rajarsayo vidhuh, all of you please read chaptr.4 of BG again and again this science of Krsna Consciousness has to be recieved in a disciplic succession @ rithviks..if you feel you can adhere to Srila Prabhupada's teaching without any adulterations and think you will maintain a common platform of devotional services without any defilement of the self so good luck to you all because krsna says BG4.34 that one must approach a 'vapu' not 'vani' form of spiritual master, there must be an interaction of enquires, there should be service....there should be a daily association of such personality in the sadhaka's life for guidance. Yes i agree that Prabhupada has given all that one requires to go back to Godhead so did Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, so did Narada Muni, so did Sri Krsna Himself, than where is the need of Srila Prabhupada in a rithviks life? Why dont just surrender to Narada, Vayasa, Krsna.....no no no! there parampara must go on for we are all supposed to become Gurus..'kiba vipra kiba sudhra

Silaprabhupada siddhanta .....one can not just start calling anyone "prabhupada" time and qualification is required be patient sir, even His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Srila Prabhupada was reluctant of this title and was awarded this towards the end of his physical presence be patient sir.

Jack Prasad ‎...and please do not block me from this page....i would like to see if you can convince me otherwise...thank you.

SrilaPrabhupada Siddhanta Jack Prasad, in a C.C. purport Prabhupad mentions that every acarja has his own(specific) way of conducting(his) movement. i.e. Bhaktisiddhanta Gosvami formed a GBC that was never herd of before.That was his own(specific)way. Prabhupad set ...up the Ritvik guru system according to his own(specific)ways etc. `Therefore, mental speculation or dry arguements cannot help receive knowledge.`B.G.4.34 purport. As far as physically approaching the spiritual master goes..thats nonsense too because so many devotees were initiated by Prabhupad who had and still have not physically met him! According to your understanding that makes their initiations null n void! Prabhupad wanted us to take shelter/guildance from our elder Ritvik godbrothers and recive the connection to his disciplic succession through them..officiating acarjas!So whether Srila Prabhupad is on the otherside of the world or in another universe,you can always hook up ji.Prabhupad is empowered to liberate the entire universe(Jagat-Guru),let alone a few.

PADA: Dear Jack prabhu, Srila Prabhupad wrote a letter once saying, anyone who says "all glories to Sri Guru" is a mayavadi. You have to give the name of your guru. So far, you have not given any name for your guru at all? So far we have no idea: Do you accept any guru at all? You are talking about guru, but it seems you have none at all? ys pd

SrilaPrabhupada SiddhantaJack Prasad, billion followers over next 10,000yrs as predicted in shastra. The problem is that 4th class Vaisnavs have taken it upon themselves to deny/defy his final orders..and as Prabhupad prophetically predicted himself 'When the ...acarja leaves, chaos enters!' Find out the destination of one who offends the bonafide acarja Jack? You try asking Tamal Krsna swami? Oh thats right, he entered Vaikunthas through the trunk of a tree and his last words were 'You ....... idiot!` Thats a transcendental way to go out eh? Was he talking to the taxi driver or himself? Jai Om Vishnupad!

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