Sunday, March 13, 2011

This fellow thinks good and bad are "us" and "them" (?)

[PADA: This fellow complains that we are creating and "us" and "them" duality. Really? These devotees are not capable of distinguishing right from wrong, a sentiment which is exploited by the wrong doers! ys pd]

Richard Besnainou Is it that there are two realities, i e: Krsna Lila reality and deviation reality, or is what "we" call «'deviation' reality'» included, comprised in the only one supremely real and infinite Radha Krsna Prema Lila Reality? The only alternative choice to us proposed: relative, "material" vision, or absolute atma vision; the third one: Radha Krsna Lila vision, with All That Be And All Which Are. Spirit Souls Atma Nitya Krsna Das. Maya: illusion: isn't-ness. Supreme Truth: Radha Krsna playfully enacting eternally His Her Their Lila with Their sat cit ananda atma selves spirit souls by hiding disguising revealing Herself Himself Themselves as what is called maya, illusion, non-divine inferior unreality, And As the Supremely Beautiful Divine KrsnaLoka GoLoka Vrndavana eternal aim and simultaneously Highest Reality, to love, to be conscious of. whilst in this His manifested emanated apara nature who serves Him as His Dress (isha vasya sarvam idam) matter energy field kshetra.
ys gcd.

PADA Krishna says that false gurus, the veda vada ratas, are heading for "the most obnoxious regions." Sorry, that means they are not eligible for Krishna's lila. Yes "He" says that, they are not going to His Lila, they are going down and "we" agree with "Him." ys pd

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