Saturday, March 12, 2011

Immature devotees are not gurus (ISKCON)

Yuga Avatar Das Yes some immature devotees within our ''immediate past'' iskcon history have failed. This is well documented. However your inclination to fester and only see and advertise those whom have failed, certainly displays your envious nature. Realistically, it was never going to be easy to follow the ''Archarya'' standard. However some have succeeded,Tamala-krishna goswami, Bhakti swarupa damodara goswami, Bhakti tirtha swami, Gaura govinda maharaja spring to my mind. However such demons as yourself thankfully are few and far between parading as devotees...

PADA Congrats! Now Yuga has become a ritivk! He says the people who keep falling are "immature devotees" (rtiviks) and not acharyas! Welcome aboard Yuga! Yuga has agreed with the main idea of the ritviks, the people who fail are "immature devotees" (ritviks) and not gurus! Wow, this is great, we can tell everyone that Yuga has surrendered to the ritviks! Welcome aboard Yuga! You agree with us! ys pd

Yuga Avatar Das We are not sahajiya -apa sampradaya proponents ....

PADA Yuga you just said that your acharyas are "immature devotees," that means, you are agreeing with us! Welcome! ys pd

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