Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Gurus living like evil Kings while subjects suffer

Miloni The Vedas rather tell a Grihasta to actually support themselves and their families. A temple is not a place for filling pockets but to help those who are unfortunate. If one gets married, then it is their responsibility to support their family. Of course "The Vaishnava-Apradha" shield is there. :-)

Sakshi As Iskcon 'grhastas', we slept on the cold floors of rented homes and donated 'ALL' our income to 'projects' and 'holy men.' It was only after leaving Iskcon that Sri Krsna gave us our own home, hot fragrant baths, water beds, and a complication reduction bonus :-) Jai Sri Bhagavan!

Miloni Good for you prabhu. I was moved to hear your story. As i always say, these chandalas have always been mis-quoting vedas. Not only that ... wherever rascal anacondas, pythons, and crocs reside in temples, they make Bhagvan go away. Bhagvan is never present wherever falsehood is accommodated and given importance to ..... the Supreme Lord is only present wherever truth is present!

PADA:This was the main component of the Windle Turley lawsuit against the leaders: while these leaders were living in five star hotels, getting fifty course feasts, with servants, luxury cars, computers, gold toilets and so on, many "gurukula" c...hildren in their care were being systematically starved, being fed rotten oatmeal that had green mold growing on it (so the children vomited while eating it) and it was hard for these children to get ordinary supplies like clothes, blankets, soap, and some died from medical neglect. OK many of these kids were also being sexually abused and molested and even beaten on a regular basis. Some of these children had stunted growth and their teeth were rotten at age 15. All this violence against children had to be done to these children so that -- money meant to care for these children could be siphoned off for these opulent jet set gurus. These gurus stole the children's money so they could live like kings -- and force these children to rot in these gurus's self made hell. Of course this is why these gurus are now suing akhaya patra folks, they want to starve more children. ys pd

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