Tuesday, September 3, 2019


by Srila Rupa Goswami

Lalita Sasti - Appearance of Sri Lalita Devi

Lalita Sakhi is the eldest of Krishna's gopis. She is the leader, controller and the best of the eight most exalted gopi friends of Sri Krishna, famous as Srimati Radharani's constant companion and follower. Lalita is contrary and hot-tempered by nature. Her complexion is golden yellow and her garments are the color of peacock feathers.



uttuńga-sauhṛda-viśeṣa-vaśāt pragalbhāḿ

devīḿ guṇaiḥ sulalitāḿ lalitāḿ namāmi


śriyaḿ cakita-cāru-camūru-netrām


devīḿ guṇaiḥ sulalitāḿ lalitāḿ namāmi




devīḿ guṇaiḥ sulalitāḿ lalitāḿ namāmi

dhūrte vrajendra-tanaye tanu suṣṭhu-vāmyaḿ

mā dakṣiṇā bhava kalańkini lāghavāya

rādhe giraḿ śṛṇu hitām iti śikṣayantīḿ

devīḿ guṇaiḥ sulalitāḿ lalitāḿ namāmi

rādhām abhi vraja-pateḥ kṛtam ātmajena

kūṭaḿ manāg api vilokya vilohitākṣīm

vāg-bhańgibhis tam acireṇa vilajjayantīḿ

devīḿ guṇaiḥ sulalitāḿ lalitāḿ namāmi

vātsalya-vṛnda-vasatiḿ paśupāla-rājñyāḥ

sakhyānuśikṣaṇa-kalāsu guruḿ sakhīnām


devīḿ guṇaiḥ sulalitāḿ lalitāḿ namāmi

yāḿ kām api vraja-kule vṛṣabhānu-jāyāḥ

prekṣya sva-pakṣa-padavīm anurudhyamānām

sadyas tad-iṣṭa-ghaṭanena kṛtārthayantīḿ

devīḿ guṇaiḥ sulalitāḿ lalitāḿ namāmi


varyāḿ viniścitavatīm akhilotsavebhyaḥ

tāḿ gokula-priya-sakhī-nikuramba-mukhyāḿ

devīḿ guṇaiḥ sulalitāḿ lalitāḿ namāmi

nandann amūni lalitā-guṇa-lālitāni

padyāni yaḥ paṭhati nirmala-dṛṣṭir aṣṭau

prītyā vikarṣati janaḿ nija-vṛnda-madhye

taḿ kīrtidā-pati-kulojjvala-kalpa-vallī


1) I offer pranama unto the haughty Sri Lalita-devi who engages in wiping away the glittering drops of perspiration from the lotus feet of Sri Radha and Madhava, who is perpetually immersed in the most elevated, intimate mellows of divine love, and who is the charming repository of qualities such as beauty, sweetness, and gravity.

2) I offer pranama unto Sri Lalita-devi whose beautiful face mocks the brilliance of the full moon, whose eyes are ever-restless like those of a startled doe, who is famous for her extraordinary expertise in the art of dressing Srimati Radhika, and who is the repository of unlimited feminine qualities.

3) I offer pranama unto Sri Lalita-devi whose limbs are adorned with a blouse as brilliantly colored as the multi-colored tail-feather of an ecstatically-dancing peacock, whose hair partition is decorated with shimmering red vermillion, who wears various necklaces and other jeweled ornaments, and whose upper body is beautifully adorned with an immensely attractive bodice. Her golden complexion defeats that of even gorocana (a bright yellow pigment employed in painting, dyeing, and tilaka) and she possesses innumerable good qualities.

4) I offer pranama unto Sri Lalita-devi, the charming treasure-house of all good qualities, who instructs Srimati Radhika in this way: "O Kalankini (unchaste one)! Radhe! Listen to my beneficial words! Vrajendra-nandana is very guileful. Don't display Your mood of gentle submission to Him; instead, in all circumstances always be contrary."

5) I offer pranama unto the abode of all good qualities, the supremely charming Sri Lalita-devi, who upon hearing Sri Krsna speak even a few crafty words to Srimati Radhika, immediately becomes furious and embarrasses Krsna by speaking sarcastic words such as, "You are so truthful and simple-hearted, and such a chaste lover!"

6) I offer pranama unto the supremely charming Sri Lalita-devi, who possesses the aggregate of divine qualities. She is the receptacle for Srimati Yasoda-devi's parental affection, the guru of all the sakhis who instructs them on the matter of friendship, and the very life of both Srimati Radhika and the younger brother of Baladeva.

7) I offer pranama unto the supremely charming Sri Lalita-devi, the treasure-house of all good qualities. Upon seeing any young maiden anywhere in Vraja and discerning that she is inclined towards her priya-sakhi Srimati Radhika, Lalita immediately fulfils all of that maiden's internal desires and satisfies her completely.

8) I offer pranama unto Sri Lalita-devi, the embodiment of all divine virtues and the foremost of the sakhis of Gokula. Her primary task is providing enjoyment for Sri Radha-Govinda by arranging for Them to meet, and she has more longing to perform this merry task than she does to enjoy the entirety of other types of festivals.

9) If a person with a cheerful and pure heart recites this astaka in praise of Lalita-devi, who is superbly ornamented with the qualities of beauty, grace and charm, Srimati Radhika, the effulgent wish-fulfilling creeper in the family of Vrshabanu Maharaja, affectionately draws that person toward Her and adopts her among Her group of sakhis.

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