Sunday, September 22, 2019

Proposed Varnasrama Community

[PADA: Well maybe. Not sure who is the guru / authority here. The basic idea however is good, we need rural self-sufficient communities. And this type thing is sadly lacking in contemporary ISKCON. If anyone has experiences / comments on this project send to: 

ys pd]

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  1. Yes, this appears to be a trend nowadays. Many "devotee sites" do not mention Srila Prabhupada or Krishna. And its like pulling teeth to find out who their guru there is, apparently because maybe their guru is part of the GBC scandal system? Then Radhanath lectures about the MAFIA and its lawyers, with no mention of Krishna and guru either. Yes you are right, there seems to be more and more a trend and tendency to want the kingdom of God, without God or His representative, which is how we fell into the material world in the first place. Various GBC guru sites have been doing the same thing, yep you got it. ys pd


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