Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Proposed Varnasrama Community (Update)

RE: Your article

Dear PADA: These communities are getting much tougher for the devotees. They are using "snitches" to report to the GBC leaders anyone who disagrees with GBC policy, and then the culprit is given stark choices of either cooperating or losing their place in the community, and maybe relinquishing their property. 

And basically, the punishment for disagreeing is banishment and various types of harassment. A number of devotees invested a lot of their personal money in these places, thinking they were independent places, but they suddenly find themselves in trouble if they disagree. This is creating financial chaos for different families.

The whole mood is now very much fear of the GBC's Gestapo police, pounding on your door asking you to get out. They are also using the local police to enforce policy. Its really sad because its creating a lot of suffering for many devotees. Please do not mention my name, they have their spies around here. 

Your humble servant, ***** Das   


Proposed Varnasrama Community


PADA: Thanks prabhu. Yes, another devotee just sent me a message that at his temple the clerics from Christian or Muslim religions are welcome to come there and talk in their "Interfaith conferences," but anyone who worships Srila Prabhupada is beaten with shoes and asked to leave, and they will even threaten to call the police on the Srila Prabhupada folks if they do not leave. Yep, its a cult melt down! ys pd


  1. Just saw your KRISHNA1008 post about Saranagati Farm in BC. I know devotees living there and understand that not only is there no morning program, but that mostly no one chants 16+ rounds. Also pot smoking is 'allowed' (don't ask-don't tell) and I have heard that growing pot as a cash crop is not prohibited - after all everyone loves money. Seems like a strange place for a gurukula. The last gurukula in that area (Vancouver) failed because Sastra dasa (ACBSP) was molesting all the little boys and there were other issues.


    [PADA: Yes, there are also problems in the Vancouver temple itself with not enough people, lack of maintenance of the property etc. It seems like they purged out so many people they can barely keep a functioning program going in many places. And kicking out even more people will make their programs less viable. The only good news is, that as they purge people out -- some of them somehow find out about PADA and they get at least some relief knowing they are not alone. ys pd]

  2. ******* Das (name changed for etiquette) told me one day before my first trip to India back in '08........ after 40 years of chanting and you know what I realized? It's All About the MONEY! This is a SP Disciple?? And that is his 40 years of realization??? Whoa. God Help Saranagati Valley and all who reside with the reach of this SP "devotee."

  3. So here goes.....all guests / visiting Sannyasis or otherwise must have full Saranagati Valley Governing Board SVGB approval to visit. With FULL RCM Police pics / finger prints / and pay fees to have the police check et al ...and pay X amount for visit.

    30 days max stay. No household permitted more than 3 cows per family. Daily weekly walk ins to prove you ARE not breaking any rules. All Infractions are to be Fined according to SVGB discretion. All infractions to be dealt with by local RCMP for IMMEDIATE Police Removal.

    All Infractions are subject to SVGB discretion. Fines and Police fees applicable. House / land / property / assets may be seized at any time as SVGB sees fit. Already more than 2 very senior SP devotees have been forcibly ejected and permanently removed. And that is just for starters...


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