Sunday, September 8, 2019

FAQs About Gaura Gopal's Psycho-Babbling Videos

[PADA: Yes, lets go to the ISKCON GBC management group with complaints, ooops, same guys who are burying deviants in samadhis? Same guys Bhakti Vikas Swami says -- the GBC's justices committee folks are "dysfunctional?"

OK, "New Age preaching" is "bridge preaching," its reaching people who would not access Krishna otherwise, so its attracting people who would not take interest otherwise. OK same argument the Hitler-anugas said, but if we are getting people interested in Flat Earth-ism, New Age-ism, Illuminati-ism, Hitler-ism and etc. ... then how is that directing them to Krishna? 

Lets face it, the GBC is going more towards yoga classes, Hindu compromise, wedding halls, car poojas, preaching Vegan-ism, and so on, to make money. Its a business. And New-age-ism is a huge business, so they are tapping into it. However, its watering down the siddhanta of the Krishna religion. Yup! ys pd]

Meanwhile GBC folks helped orchestrate Kirtanananda's Samdahi in the dham?
This is Gaura Gopal's program?

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