Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Srila Prabhupada poisoning confirmation?

"Few days after Prabhupad left, my dear friend Pritu Putra Maharaja (I am sure your good husband new him well) met me in the South of France.The town of Aix- En- Provence. He just came from Vrindavan, to tell me that the dream is over. He told me who poisoned Prabhupad, and who only wished to kill him, but did not participate in the act. They all went to the carpenter he said, and they are building their big (vyasa) chairs ….. so said Pritu Prabhu. (Then) He was FINISHED. GONE MAD, and soon left with Malati for a different life style. Within 3.5 years, new mayapur turned to a concentration camp."

- Shaul Shalagram Porat

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