Sunday, June 24, 2012

GBC gurus stopping disciples progress

PADA: Dear ****** prabhu,  Thanks for your question about your "struggle to become free from material desires," and how you feel totally hopeless in this regard. Its quite possible this is connected to your worship of a GBC guru for so many years. You need to weed out all the misconceptions these folks taught you. 

In current corrupt ISKCON their leaders openly state that even the Lord's parampara acharyas are falling down, so it makes the whole process appear as hopeless, since even the highest acharyas and residents of Krishna Loka are prone to become debauchees. No wonder then, the rank and file people lose enthusiasm, not a surprise at all. There is no perfectional stage, even the highest stage is faulty, or is likely to be so. 

Actually most of their gurus fell, so what they are really saying is: most of the time the acharyas are falling into material desires. This is very sinful to preach like this, it makes people give up. If even the acharyas are attracted to debauchee's life, then how can the neophyte ever have a chance of advancing? So they are stopping people from advancing with this bogus preaching. There is no higher stage to attain, because even the highest stage is filled with illusion.

Of course, I know personally that there is a factual and eternal higher stage. I know its real because that is how I learned the process in the first place. These people are giving the exact opposite teaching of Srila Prabhupada, he says its an offense to say the acharyas are conditioned souls. Mad elephant offense too! These GBC people are also not really supposed to be sannyasa in the first place since the order was suspended in 1977. Now they are acharyas? And so they say acharyas are falling left, right and center? They are making the whole process seem hopeless: If the Lord's pure associates and acharyas are falling down left, right and center, so what hope is there for us neophytes? They are making the whole thing appear as a hopeless endeavor. Very sinful. ys pd

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