Wednesday, June 27, 2012

GBC gurus: repent BEFORE meeting Yamaraja

What did Srila Prabhupada say about trying to use our intelligence and depending upon Krsna at the same time? We should try to use our intelligence to serve Krsna. We can endeavor to change things as best we can. But if things don’t always work out we just have to pray to become pure ourselves.

Think of all the devotees who left, some of them from the very first day Prabhupada left the planet, because they did not want to serve under a group of charlatan meditators who were destined to take over as kanisthas posing as uttama adhikari gurus. Many spoke out, one by one in protest as they left, knowing they might never be able to come back when they did, but having had enough they felt they had to do something toward the end. They had served Prabhupada faithfully, as best they could, but how can one compete with the new establishment who claimed they were the only direct links with Prabhupada for his own disciples, what to speak of the grand disciples? 

The only way is to hold your tongue and tolerate offenses against the new devotees, the older devotees, and Srila Prabhupada and Lord Krsna. And worship devotees you know are bogus as pure devotees. One day they are ordinary devotees like the rest of us, and then the next day they suddenly became pure devotees, fully ripened, just because they say Srila Prabhupada appointed them as the only gurus for as long as they wanted to be gurus (or for their lifetimes)?

We know that was a lie. Prabhupada said add more (ritvik) gurus as needed. We know the “uttama adhikari gurus” also lied about their uttama statuses, thinking they had to pretend to be pure in order to fool the new devotees into serving they themselves as uttamas instead of kanisthas. What a bunch of fools and rascals.

Prabhupada took his followers as far as he could. He never claimed he was perfect. Why his descendents felt they had to say they were perfect is beyond me. But they have suffered for it. And who knows what more suffering awaits them in the future? Isn’t it about time some (of them) actually confesses for a change about what they did in the past -- ahead of time, before the agents of Yamaraja drag them off to the hellish planets, wailing they didn’t know any better? What do they have to lose? 

Their false pride must already be destroyed, when they end up living at their mommy’s house as sannyasis because nobody else will take them in, and let them (continue to) lead the lives of sense gratification that they truly wish and all the devotees spread rumors about them anyway. When they get caught with their pants down, arm and arm with prostitutes walking down the street, high (on drugs) in the temple while giving classes about not taking intoxication, giving classes on not having illicit sex when the devotee women in the class have had illicit sex themselves with some of the “gurus” and “advanced devotees” giving the classes.

So if they still have any feelings for Lord Krsna, Srila Prabhupada or any sense of remorse for what they have done at least before they die they should confess they have cheated all of their disciples. It is an old English custom that before a man dies he apologizes for all the wrongs he has done throughout his life. Even Srila Prabhupada (apparently) apologized for having offended his Godbrothers in Krsna’s service when he told his disciples to stay away from them. But it was for his disciples own good. 

There was no offense on Prabhupada’s part. There is no offense if a devotee tries to follow Prabhupada’s orders to become a guru on his own merit because Prabhupada ordered him to, but there is an offense to force everyone to worship THEM instead of Prabhupada, since no one can serve Prabhupada -- except by serving them, the GBC gurus. It was an offense to say that they are too busy serving Krsna to get to know their disciples but whoever comes to the temple as a result of any devotional activity in the movement was actually directed to come in contact with the resident guru due to the mercy of that guru, and therefore you are lucky to have him as your guru, since he is the most advanced devotee on the planet, Srila Prabhupada said so! 

And who are you to try to get to know your guru since he is so important he has to spend all his time in his own private apartment watching TV (like Satsvarupa does), I mean, chanting his rounds with Krsna dancing on his tongue while he is hoping for hundreds of mouths and thousands of ears with which to purely hear and chant the holy names, something you will never be able to do in this life ever!

Since those "GBC guru pure devotees" have all fallen for the most part, isn’t it time the rest of them finally admits this is false? We all know it is or was false. Don’t the “gurus” know it simply more breeds contempt and hatred for them wherever they go because they still stupidly stick to these kinds of ideas? First they were all uttama adhikaris, then when they started falling down they all became madhyama adhikaris. Anything but admit they were all KANISTHA ADHIKARIS! Better a sincere sweeper in the street than a CHARLATAN MEDITATOR!

What do they have to lose? Do they think they will end up in jail for telling the truth? Will they lose the disciples they cheated? No. Their blind followers will still “follow” them, just to have a guru to dump all their karma on, there is no problem with that. They won’t go to jail for saying they are so humble now they are not uttama adhikaris. Did Srila Prabhupada for one moment ask the movement to worship him as an uttama adhikari, and if the devotees didn’t believe him did he start begging, “At least worship me as a madhyama adhikari guys, I have to pretend to be better than you somehow. After all you are all so rich and famous in America and have such naturally beautiful bodily features…”. No, I haven’t heard such stories.

But it all comes down to what the “gurus” want. Do they wish to hang on to their artificial positions until the time of death? Of course they do. 

That is what they have been doing all along. However, this of course does not apply to all the pure devotee uttama adhikaris in the movement, devotees who are so pure that when you plop them in front of a TV they see it only as Krsna’s energy, so they don’t even bother to get up and change the channel. In fact they are so pure they don’t even bother to NOT go to a porn shop to buy some porn and when they start to watch it and get caught it takes them several minutes to realize they are watching something they should not be, to come down to the madhyama platform, and turn it off. 

Neither does it apply to those who are so advanced they look at porno mags directly in front of their disciples because they too are being uttama adhikaris and don’t care a fig who knows about them looking at the magazines because they see everything as Krsna’s mercy, so Krsna must have given them His laxmi to use in their own service to prove how advanced they are to their own disciples. And to think these foolish disciples actually think their guru is fallen just because he is looking at porn? Or having sex with a prostitute, or an entire room full of them, because he is advanced enough to be in a room full of naked women? If the gurus can’t admit they are kanistha adhikaris then they should preach more about how they are manifesting their divine lila when they fall down because otherwise all the devotees they kicked out will commit offenses for criticizing such pure devotees and Krsna doesn’t like that. He "likes" the GBC pure devotees who are pure enough to have illicit sex and not even care? ys us

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