Wednesday, June 27, 2012

How ISKCON alienates its second generation

Michael Madhumangala Das Boyer:  ... I have zero tolerance for Iskcon ... And unfortunately you are unable to move forward so there is little more to be said. My mother wouldn't send me away to a foreign country where she couldn't be close enough to help me if needed. My mother was and is a very responsible woman. She knows how to exercise common sense. It is easy to label me, this means nothing to me. I am not hear to discuss Sandusky, the law is dealing with him. 

How many devotees worry about Sulocana having been killed by the order of the New Vrindavan leaders? 

How come people are not repulsed to see that Radhanath Maharaj is a regular visitor to see Tirtha in jail (Thomas Drescher, the murderer of Sulochana)? How is it that those involved in the process of tracking and killing Sulocana have fingered Radhanath Maharaj as having been the one who funded his killing? Yet so many people STILL worship him as good as God? 

I want nothing to do with Iskcon. 

I have seen it all. I was asked to carry a gun to protect one of the original 11 gurus. I am in no way "acting" as you put it. More Iskcon. I am simply endeavoring to be a better human being and a devotee and forgiveness is crucial in life. Coercion was and still is a very prominent element within Iskcon. I have all respect for Srila Prabhupada but beyond that I want nothing to do with the institution. I am not a blind follower. I am and always have been a free thinker. I don't in any way condone the actions of Maharaj or any ither abuser for that matter, but I believe that in order for the victims of any injustice to hold onto hatred is not a healthy thing. 

Lastly, as a teenager in high school I was assaulted by a gang of 50 black kids for the theft of a basketball uniform that I had nothing to do with. I was beaten repeatedly and had a gun put to my head ... we are talking about an article of clothing. So should I hate all of these people or all black people as a result of this even though it happened 30 yrs ago? The answer is absolutely not ... I saw the guy who held the gun to my head 10 yrs ago and he didnt even recognize me even though he was standing right next to me. He could easily have become my victim, however I felt sorry for him because he lacks genuine intelligence. I try to be forgiving to the best of my ability because in the end resentments and hatred are like pissing on yourself because you are the only one that feels it. I wish you the best Kamesi didi and I truly admire your fire and wish you unlimited joy... Radhe Radhe 

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