Friday, June 22, 2012

Prabhupadanugas Russia expanding!

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  1. "I finished reading Monkey on a Stick again and thought, “Good grief, I'd forgotten what total psychopathic swine some of those guys were/are, like Kirtanananda, Hansadutta, Dharmatma, Drescher and all the other filth but... it makes sense to me, Kali Yuga, exactly what needed to act out, unfortunately for the poor girls, women and young boys affected by the mindblowing abuse along with the indifference of authorities and some of the incredible public demonstrations with guns and what not. Man! No question that was all grooved to go on until there was little doubt about any of it. I wonder where that Kirtananada is now. He belongs in a cell. Well, not my area of enforcement, is it."


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