Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Can't always fix ISKCON

PADA: There were some original Christians, the Corinthians, who were being told by Paul to quit behaving like debauchees. Apparently, there were also major problems amongst some of the early Christians, never mind us. It seems whenever a new religious process starts, there are all sorts of troubles with the original followers. And so it was with — the Srila Prabhupada original devotees. They too had similar problems as the original Corinthians, agreed.

What historically and factually happened is: The 99 percent did not do a whole lot to fix the mess after 1977. So sorry to offend anyone, but we know what really happened here, because we lived it. OK now there are more of the original pre-1977 wave of disciples who are trying to fix things, and that is good, but for quite awhile there just were not that many. Sorry. Its what happened.

Now, we are trying to move ahead, into the next generation of Krishna devotees. Meanwhile, the 1960s and 1970s “originals” are dying off both literally and in terms of influence, and the next wave is doing a whole lot better in terms of behaviors. In fact, most of our newer preaching programs are being conducted by second generational devotees, who have vastly improved behaviors.

I think its time to start to focus on the new wave of activity and not be so concerned for the first wave of “originals,” which is crashing on the beach and disintegrating anyway.

I recall going to the Los Angeles police in 1997 with bhakta Jim to report that his brake lines had been cut on his car. The police said to us, these Watseka Krishnas are — One part a bunch of crazies; One part a bunch of low life criminals; One part, the part your are talking about now, really bad criminals who will kill you if they can. So —

You fellows need to STAY AWAY from there, MOVE OUT OF THE AREA, and NEVER VISIT them again! You fellows cannot fix that place, we know, we get called there ALL THE TIME. So this is pretty much what even the outsiders figured out, the “originals” created an un-inhabitable mess. We cannot always fix it, so, it might be time to move ahead with a newer group of people, this older group, cannot be fixed.

Apparently even the Christians have had ongoing problems themselves, look at the medieval church and all its problems. So Jesus was pure, but his movement has not been so pure? Therefore we need to just move along and try our best with — the mess we have been handed. At the same time I understand the anger and frustration with some of these problems, but these problems are not unique to the post 1980s Krishnas, even the Medieval folks had anger and frustration with their Papal regime in Rome.

Its what happens in Kali Yuga, religion tends to become ir-religion. At the same time we are getting many newer people, and these newer people have learned a lot from the mistakes of us in the elders generation, so its not all wasted, it was a learning experience for all of us. Even the police cannot fix these broken down Watseka messes, it might be time for us to move out and move on. ys pd

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